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We are a team of experts.

Symec are an end-to-end mobile technology solutions provider. We have extensive experience and expertise in carrying out large scale enterprise deployments, as well as providing ongoing managed services for hardware, software and connectivity.

We are dedicated to helping you minimise downtime, thus increasing profitability. Our team can provide you with a range of innovative solutions, ensuring that your fleet works as efficiently as possible.

Our Four Pillars of Expertise.

1. Software

Our team of certified experts have the knowledge and experience to seamlessly enrol and manage your fleet into both MDM and Line of Business software.

2. Hardware Provider

We provide impartial advice on the best product fit. This is tailored to your requirements, ensuring you receive the best hardware for your business.

3. Managed Services

We are able to provide industry-leading managed services, reducing the load on your internal team, increasing efficiency, and saving you money.

4. Connectivity

We are able to provide connectivity solutions with the largest tier 1 providers, supporting mobile unified communications and the IoT.


We can advise and set your fleet upon the essential software and applications required to operate securely, effectively and efficiently.

Line of Business

Keep your business agile with our range of line of business software


Free your IT team up to focus on
business critical tasks

Symec Hub

The Ultimate
Centralised Management Platform

MDM/EMM Management

Through our 12 years of working with the whole spectrum of EMMs and MDMs we understand that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution.

As a result of this we have built a team of experts with experience and accreditations in a range of MDMs, building strong partnerships along the way. Thanks to our expertise and flexibility we can work with you and your fleet to either find the perfect MDM for you or support your current MDM.

Line of Business Software

For businesses with a mobile workforce. Our partnerships with a number of line of business software can connect office employees with field service representatives in real-time.

Symec Hub

Perfect for: Postal carriers & Courier drivers

Companies with large device fleets need quick answers to their questions. That is a difficult task when reporting from spreadsheets or waiting for monthly service reports. 

Symec Hub is the Centralised Management Platform – a single place from which you can manage real-time data from your entire connected business.

Capturing information on devices, service, repair, and data management across your whole fleet, Symec Hub will make your life easier, cutting your costs, and supporting you in creating an efficient connected business.

Reports & Dashboards
Symec Hub connects with a range of data inputs, creating a single source of truth, and providing you with an easy-to-understand self-service dashboard.

Symec Digital Modules
We have developed a range of applications that can be used to help your team with communication, certification, and compliance,

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We provide impartial advice, helping you source the best hardware – fitting your industry, requirements and organisation.

Advising and Providing the Best Hardware Solutions.​

As a certified Android reseller, we can provide a range of consumer and rugged devices, both new and refurbished devices.

We are partners with the biggest tier 1 manufacturers, ensuring you are recommended hardware that will work at your site, with your colleagues and to your requirements

Managed Services.

Our mission is to help you decrease downtime and increase efficiency, and that doesn’t end at the device. We pride ourselves on our extraordinary support, building up our relationship to the point that you can trust us to leave your mobile fleet in our hands. 

EMM/MDM Management

We understand that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) / mobile device management (MDM) solution.

We are industry experts with multiple accreditations and partnerships with the largest MDMs available.

Comprehensive Maintenance Contract.

Our comprehensive repair and replace plan goes much further than standard manufacturer warranties, allowing you to pick and choose the services that best suit your requirements.

Next-day Swap
Staging Post Repair
Repair Buffer Stock

Technical Helpdesk.

Our in-house team of certified experts are able to fix devices and software hiccups remotely. We are very proud of achieving a high number of first-time fixes, minimising user downtime and hardware swap-outs.

We don’t trumpet our technology only to fall silent on support.

Zero-touch Services

Using a zero-touch service can provide a streamlined method quickly and easily enrolling your entire fleet without having to even touch the devices. We can set up your entire device fleet; remotely, accurately and securely

Gold Build & Staging

It is best practice to have a “Gold Build” that will be implemented across your entire device fleet to ensure consistency and security.

Utilising a workshop, we will produce a gold build based on your technical requirements, allowing us to rapidly and securely enrolment of any future devices.


Our connectivity solutions are highly versatile and can be tailored to each specific business. We have extensive experience rolling out large connectivity projects.

Uk's Largest Providers

With over 12 years of experience working within the telecoms industry, we have chosen only the best network providers to partner with, ensuring you get the best coverage, fastest speed and least downtime.

Network as a Service

Symec offers organisations turnkey IT network management services delivered with a pay-as-you-go model. This allows organisations to move from a CAPEX model to a more predictable service experience and an OPEX-based consumption model.

Management and Reporting Software

Working with our network partners we have a collection of management and reporting services and tools that are straightforward and easy to use. These services, take the day to day management and administration from your hands to ours.

Our experts can take the pressure off you, giving you time back, increasing fleet efficiencies and providing greater cost control.

Customisable Contract Plans

Our SIM contracts can be changed and tweaked for a tailored end product.  Whether you have a 1000 SIMS, or an aggregated data plan, we can work with you to ensure you leave with the best fitting connectivity contract.

Comprehensive Mobile Solutions

Symec Hub provides a range of data driven management and reporting dashboards that provides you with an executive oversight of your entire mobile device estates, Allowing you to make smarter, quicker decisions, across your organisation.

For more information on this service and the benefits it can bring to your business, please do not hesitate to contact us on today