Visibility of all assets across the entire fleet.

Tools and assets can often be misplaced while working in a new location, forgotten at home, missing from inventory because they have been loaned to other users and so on. There is the obvious loss in the cost of tool or asset but often there are other knock on effects. For example, losing a tool could mean the field engineer is unable to resolve the next repair job, the company might have to reduce a fix rate to compensate for the rescheduling or inconvenience caused to the customer, bad customer experience, as well as extra time and travel costs for picking up a replacement tool. Having visibility of all assets across the entire fleet will help you avoid sending engineers to a job without the correct tools.

How it works.

Attach the beacon on your critical assets and devices that are at a risk of being misplaced. Next add the name of the asset to the inventory list on the app and scan the barcode on the beacon to assign it to the asset. Then finally switch on the home beacon button on the app and it will start tracking the location of the beacon and the setup is complete.

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Bluetooth low energy beacon with the Connected Things mobile application.

The home beacon automatically notes the location of the asset or device as it moves – providing real-time visibility into every item. At any time, you can check on the status of the assets which will appear connected, in-range and disconnected. You will get a notification once the asset or tool is out of range of the home beacon. The app shows you the last known location before it went out of range for you to retrieve it. You can adjust things like limiting unwanted alerts and adjusting the range of the tracking. It is available on both Android and iOS

Benefits of the asset tracking solution.


The plug and play installation is simple to implement and causes limited disruption to fleet. Our solution has a range of 5-50m along with crowd network and alerting capabilities. Ensure your staff has ready access to all the critical assets they need, when they need them.


The software can run on existing hardware and has cross platform capabilities. Our solution improves utilisation rates of existing equipment, reducing the unnecessary purchase of extra inventory.


Free staff to focus on their actual tasks by automating inventory management. See real-time inventory data, monitor trends and have full visibility of all your assets and tools across your entire fleet.


The small coin cell beacons are ideal for asset tracking and have been optimized for long battery life (2-4 years) within industrial environments. They have ultra-low RF transmit powers for increased locate accuracy and improved performance in high density deployments and have the IP rating for dust and liquid ingress protection.