Cyber Essentials Overview

Protect your organisation against the most common cyber attacks What is Cyber Essentials? Cyber Essentials is a simple and effective Government backed scheme that will help you protect your organisation against a range of the most common cyber attacks.From the small scale startup to the established and growing business, Cyber Essentials will help you avoid […]

Zebra ET80 / ET85 Rugged Windows Tablet

When your work is critical, you know what it feels like to be needed. Your team delivers the essentials – public safety services, utilities and goods – that are fundamental to a thriving community. It isn’t easy.

You’re always in motion, handling urgent needs and solving problems. Time is essential and trust is vital. You need a mobile device that performs at the highest level anywhere, so you can too. A device you can trust so you can serve the people who depend on you.

Symec Increase Repair Capacity

Repair, Recycle, & Re-Manufacture In the UK a staggering 1.5 million tonnes of electrical waste is disposed of each year which has a huge impact on the environment. By reducing the number of items we dispose of such as laptops, mobile phones, kitchen appliances and TV’s, we can cut down our carbon emissions and reduce […]

The top three ways EMM will change the construction sector in 2022

Construction has always been a mobile industry, as projects are done in the field and often in remote locations. Communication needs are wide ranging between offsite project managers, architects, home offices and customers.
Read on to find out the top three ways Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) from SOTI will drive change in the sector in 2022.

Advanced SOTI Reporting Module

Have you ever wished you could allow your team leaders and department heads to be able to build their own custom SOTI reports without having to grant them admin access to SOTI?

Would you love to be able to easily create and schedule custom SOTI reports ?

Symec have now added a SOTI reporting module to our innovative Symec hub that allows you to do exactly this allowing your team to create, customise, filter, and schedule reports in 8 simple steps.