Street lighting

Colas Street lighting

Colas only had somewhat limited tools at their disposal to manage the Portsmouth Highways PFI in an efficient manner including highways, street lighting, weed spraying, street cleansing, structures.

Colas was very limited in terms of the management tools it had available to manage the requirements of the Portsmouth Highways PFI. This was causing inefficiencies in the way Colas were managing the large number of tasks that needed to be undertaken each year and inefficiencies in completion of those tasks as well.

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CRJV Road Maintenance

CRJV won the contract to maintain and manage a third of the highspeed motorway network in Ireland. The contract terms insisted on a software able to track and monitor issues found on the highway, manage routine tasks and allow for the creation of ’employee instructed work orders’.

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Bournemouth Coastal Business Improvement District

Bournemouth Coastal BID (Business Improvement District) manages five separate and distinct areas within the coastal area of Bournemouth town centre. They are not a traditional BID in that they do not concentrate on the typical “green and safe” strategy adopted by most BIDs, but rather take five small marketing budgets and then leverage the marketing ability of the “collective” to enhance the prospective visitor.

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