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We wish all our colleagues, customers, suppliers and partners a great Festive Season and a Happy New Year

For over a decade Symec has been helping thousands of customers upgrade and refresh their device estates using the value in their existing estate against the cost of upgrading to the latest technology. In addition to the commercial advantages of trading in your devices, the environmental impact is reduced with your old devices being refurbished or reused. If it is not suitable for being reused, we ensure that the device is recycled in the most sustainable way to cause the least impact on the environment.

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Product Type – Buy Back

Reselling your equipment has never been easier!

We will helps you with the resale of your equipment

We refurbish the hardware and perform a secure data wipe to erase all the information on the devices meaning that you can rest assured that no sensitive data will end up in the wrong hands, ensuring safe disposal, reuse or resale of your devices.

Nothing is left to waste here at Symec, depending on the condition of the device some may just need a quick clean up, where they will be re-introduced to the re-sell market. Whilst others need a complete refurb and refresh – if we can extend the life of an existing asset and reduce our carbon footprint, we will. Our fantastic recycling and buyback program offers businesses the opportunity to upgrade their tech in a budget-friendly and eco-friendly manner.

Symec is always on the lookout for obsolete, discontinued and surplus mobile devices.
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