The Challenge

CCT Express Freight are a successful transport and logistics company based in Birmingham. They had an ageing fleet of Samsung Xcover 3’s that were needing to be refreshed, were using generic vehicle cradles that kept on breaking.

They were using Airwatch MDM, with little technical support and were left to their own devices. That meant they had no one to turn to if there were any issues with their mobile estate. For instance, one of the apps they used had different versions, which meant they had to ensure all devices had to be physically installed at the depot – a real nightmare for a logistics company always on the move.

They were also particularly reliant on their network, Vodafone, to ensure they could keep their operation running. Clive Cowell, Managing Director of CCT Express, said: “We moved to Orange years ago, and it was a nightmare. We couldn’t get any signal, and really struggled to manage our fleet of vehicles. We wanted Vodafone as our network provider, but with additional support they just couldn’t give us”

For them, there was a huge risk in switching network provider, when if they didn’t have signal it could drastically impact the efficiency of their business.

Our Solution

Symec refreshed CCT’s estate with the Samsung XCover 4, a newer version in Samsung’s rugged B2B range. We provided purpose-built, sturdy vehicle cradles that meant their drivers could keep their devices in the vehicle to use for navigational purposes. Symec added a repair service to these devices, including a Next Day Swap service – meaning that they can reduce the downtime of their workers. Devices are staged back to an agreed build before sending back to head office, meaning that the devices can be used straight out of the box.

Tom Kent, part of Symec’s Specialist Technical team, spent time on site, training CCT on how to use their new MDM, SOTI. Symec could now show their team how to remotely install app updates for different versions and remote support users with technical issues in the field.

The Result

Symec is now a one-stop shop for CCT. They don’t have to contact and negotiate with different service providers and they can call us to solve any issue with their mobile estate. Clive added: “Having Symec at the end of the phone, so I can call their technical support directly and get answers fast. I can focus on my business, and have a trusted partner resolve any mobility issues we may face. The deployment was a breeze, ongoing service has been fantastic.”

As a leading partner of all UK networks, Symec pride themselves on being offer the right network for the client’s requirements, whilst bringing their bill down.

Clive stated, “I was surprised to hear that Symec could save me money on my monthly phone bill, when I was buying from Vodafone directly, I’m now paying less than I was before – but with a massive uplift in the support I get, and with loads less hassle.”