The Challenge

Uponor is a leading global provider of systems and solutions for the construction sector.

At their UK headquarters in Watford, the team was battling with an in-house phone system that had become a real struggle to administer across their 33 users.

The system was inflexible, with limitations on how many calls it could handle at one time. Simple changes such as adding lines for new starters and making changes to the auto-attendant system required an onsite visit from their external provider – which Uponor was charged for.

On top of that, the system had become unreliable, with several episodes of complete loss of service, and the package itself was expensive.

The Solution

We proposed and installed our own cloud based phone system – Symec Hosted – which would bring numerous benefits to the Uponor team.

Being web based, Symec Hosted doesn’t require an in-house central processor; in fact no physical infrastructure is needed at all. Instead, the entire system can be managed from anywhere with an internet connection.

We installed an auto attendant to ensure that calls are directed appropriately, as well as setting up an intelligent daily schedule for Uponor’s phone system, which redirects calls as needed on weekends and bank holidays.

When Uponor needs to add a user or make a change to the way the call flow works, there’s no longer any need to arrange for an engineer to visit. The change can be made instantly, either by a member of Uponor’s staff, or by our support team.

Symec Hosted is backed up in two data centres, making it extremely reliable. In the unlikely event that Uponor is disconnected from the internet, a default setting will redirect calls as required.

Downtime was a major concern for Uponor. We installed the system with minimal loss of service, trained staff to use the system, and made sure they were up and running quickly.

The Results

Uponor has been using our solution for close to a year now at their UK headquarters.

Working with Symec has eliminated downtime for Uponor, as well as reducing their costs.

The new auto attendant ensures that customers are put through to the right person the first time, and waiting times for customers have been significantly reduced.

The portal is so much more intuitive and reliable than our old system, and being able to administer the changes we need in-house has saved a lot of time, money and stress. It’s great to know that the Symec support team is on hand any time we need help.

Rachel Beaty, Office Manager