One of the most difficult tasks for any IT or Operations Manager is understanding how to improve the training quality and time and reducing costs.

Symec has come with an original way of saving time on training employees, yet ensuring the quality is improved.

What is Device Angel?

Device Angel is a live training application with onscreen and audible user walkthroughs.  The fact that it’s live means you can do real-time trouble shooting.

Users are being guided step-by-step through the tasks while being trained. The app will even complete the task for them.

Live Guides for Android 4.4.2 and above are available on Play Store and Static Guides for iOS on App Store.

How does it help your company?

Device Angel is perfect for any new or temporary member of staff. The application is great for when workers have to learn new processes, apps, different devices and different operating systems.

Previously you’d have to hire someone to train them and waste valuable time. Any process that you can do on the device, Device Angel will walk you through.  

Anything that needs to be set up, changed or connected you’ll easily find and do in the app. 

What if you have a bespoke application?

Device Angel has over 100 guides in the library that you can choose from. If we haven’t made a guide for it yet our technical team can create it for you.

For enterprise customers, Symec can offer access to our Guide Builder application. This enables you to make the guides yourself, enabling you to go one step further and add the customisation that your business might require.

Remote Control

If any customer does not have an existing Mobile Device Management tool we recommend Remote Control, for an extra fee.

The application enables any help desk support worker to remote in and control the device and capture the screen so they can send over report the problem.

You don’t need to physically have the device in hand to diagnose enabling you to solve the issue remotely.

The ‘Device Summary’ section enables you to analyse the problems quickly and efficiently. It gives you a granular break down of device information such as mobile network, Wi-Fi network, signal strength, OS version etc.

Remote Control even allows to manage files, enabling the helpdesk worker to extract saved files or configuration.


The data from the Device Angel application also powers the MIHelp button on MISymec.

Managing training for the users can be difficult to manage. MIHelp breaks down how Device Angel is used in different regions of your business and suggests new guides and different ways to train your staff.

The data gives you visibility to understand the pain points in your device training programmes, whether there are any recurring themes, and even any outliers in certain regions of your business.

Understanding the training needs for the user of your mobile fleet is now incredibly simple. Get in touch now for a limited offer of 30% off Device Angel.