Connecting responders with each other and live data.

Technology and innovation play a critical role in the emergency service sector, enabling first responders to tackle the complex and dynamic challenges they face today and into the future. New and emerging technologies deliver enhanced efficiency and effectiveness in operations and in the field, allowing police, fire and rescue, and ambulance professionals to enhance safety, accelerate response times and do more with less.

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We offer a variety of rugged handheld and tablet devices for critical communications and extensive accessories to complement these data capture devices. Additionally, we can use RFID solutions for inventory and asset tracking to ensure you can accurately record and track inventory within fire brigade stations and trucks.


Day to Day Challenges

  • First responders require rugged devices for critical communications
  • They are unable to accurately record and track inventory
  • Security and network connections are also major concerns

Our solutions deliver front line services with digital support, automation, and connectivity that enable you to capture real-time data for maximum operational awareness and smarter decision making.



We offer rugged tablets, smart touch computers, and data capture devices that include critical communication devices with road maps connected to the emergency services network.


Scanning and tracking for constant asset tracking, efficient workflow, and is used to associate people with records and personal protective equipment (PPE) using radio-frequency identification (RFID) technologies.


Printing labels for equipment can cost vital time during emergencies. We offer seamless integration between people, devices and assets like equipment to maximise efficiency and support digitisation.


We provide you with the optimal devices you need to consolidate mobile computing solutions with scanners, tablets and mobile printers as well as multiple user friendly software solutions that easily integrate into existing systems – the complete mobility