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In a rapidly changing business environment, collaboration and connectivity are pivotal to remaining competitive. The Galaxy S21 5G series are the new power phones packed with features to give you the flexibility to thrive and grow, undisrupted. A premium 5G1 device that’s designed to be your ‘anywhere office’ — delivering an entire suite of mobile technology, business applications, support and services to ensure your business and employees are ready for the world of work.
Enterprise edition

Enterprise Edition

A disrupted business environment has seen teams having to adapt quickly to remain productive. Samsung Galaxy Enterprise Edition gives you the tools to meet this challenge. A complete package of mobile technology and services designed to give you more — more choice, more control and more protection. It’s now easier to secure, deploy and manage mobile devices across your business at any scale.

Unique Partnerships

The Galaxy S21 5G series delivers a seamless experience in or out of the office. Through Samsung’s partnership with Microsoft and Cisco1, we’ve made sure this device works smoothly and consistently with collaboration platforms like Teams and WebEx. In addition, the Galaxy S21 5G series benefits from Microsoft apps built in as standard, giving you instant access to emails, contacts and calendars. And with apps like Word, Excel and Outlook running on your phone, you can multi-task like a pro.
Unique partnerships
5G connectivity

Powerful Connectivity with 5G

You need a device with data speeds that can keep up with your busy workload. That’s why the Galaxy S21 5G series supports Wi-Fi 6E, which is twice as fast as Wi-Fi 6, giving you 20 percent faster speeds than previous generation Wi-Fi networks. It also comes with Intelligent Wi-Fi, which lets you switch between Wi-Fi and mobile data, depending on available network strength. Plus, when Wi-Fi isn’t available, 5G 2 offers lightning-fast speeds and low latency. All of which means you have the reliable connection you need to keep working.

Intelligent collaboration starts with Galaxy S21 5G Series

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Perfect Expression and Performance

The world of business has never been more visually dependent than today. Video collaboration, sharing presentations and images digitally, plus remote team meetings can take its toll on devices. The Galaxy S21 5G series has been built for the new world of work and a workforce more dispersed than ever. A pro-grade camera and long-life battery keeps you and everyone else in the picture for longer, while the display provides the brightest yet in a business phone.

Powerful Business Tools

As the world adapts to new ways of working and collaborating, businesses need to be smart about the devices that will enable them to do more with less. The Galaxy S21 5G series is ready for business today — highly adaptable, intuitive and fully secure, to keep you and your employees protected wherever they work.

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