RFID and it’s applications.

Radio Frequency Identification Technology commonly referred to as RFID works on radio waves. This system consists of a reader which sends feedback signals to the tag which is placed on objects to identify or track them. Unlike barcodes and QR codes, RFID is not a line of sight technology and has a much wider use. The applications are numerous from tracking goods being sold in retail stores, to tracking inventory in a warehouse, and even tracking vehicles and tracks in an estate for fleet management.

A great way to improve efficiencies

Our RFID partner Zebra has spent decades deploying some of the most successful RFID implementations in some of the world’s largest companies across different sectors. The result? A deep understanding of the challenges in your industry which enables us to help you create and deploy a solution that will maximise the benefits of RFID in your enterprise and the value of your investment.

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Everything you need to implement RFID solutions.

We bring to you end-to-end solution simplicity; with everything you need to implement RFID in your organization — from well-tested industry-leading infrastructure to the expertise you need to maximize the benefits of RFID in your enterprise.

  • Printers for every application
  • RFID readers for every application
  • Antennas to maximize RFID performance
  • Largest selection of stock RFID labels, tags and cards
  • The expertise you need to maximise the benefits of RFID in your enterprise

Key benefits of using the RFID solution

Improving visibility of stock

Implementing RFID solutions gives you the real-time asset visibility you need to streamline operations, maximise asset utilisation and error-proof asset-related data. The increase in data and knowledge enables better decision making.

Inventory management process

A large percentage of our clients come to us having lost control of their stock. You can have real-time data on assets and goods and each time a product is checked out, we can create a workflow to raise an alert when a product is running low.

Reduced human error

RFID reduces the instances when a wrong product is loaded on to the wrong truck causing misplaced deliveries and further delays in getting items back to the right place. By reducing human errors, you can have improved risk mitigation.

Higher sales

Driving revenue is the primary objective for the RFID deployment. Items can be scanned into stores and then onto the shelves quicker, which means more availability for shoppers and quicker sales.