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The construction and real estate operations face a wide variety of challenges on the job, and your equipment must support you every step of the way.  

Reduce Carbon Footprint:

In today’s construction industry, there is a growing emphasis on not only improving the sustainability of the building process but also minimising waste and reducing materials sent to landfills. It is crucial to recognise that the construction sector accounts for a staggering 40% of global CO2 emissions and 36% of worldwide energy consumption. With increased focus on environmental impact across industries, clients are increasingly expecting construction projects to incorporate demonstrable sustainable practices.

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Unpredictable Supply Chains:

In today’s construction landscape, the need for improved cost control and tracking has become increasingly vital due to the escalating cost of raw materials and supply constraints. With the rising prices and limited availability of essential resources like timber, steel, and concrete – construction projects face significant challenges in maintaining budgetary control and ensuring efficient resource allocation. By implementing robust cost control and tracking measures, construction companies can closely monitor expenditure, identify opportunities for cost reduction, optimise resource utilisation, and navigate the complexities of the market.

Effective cost control and tracking not only safeguard project profitability but also contribute to the overall success and sustainability of construction projects in an environment known for its volatile material costs and supply limitations.

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Regulatory Compliance:

In light of the Grenfell tragedy, new fire safety legislation, including the BS-8644-1 standard, has been implemented to enhance safety measures. This standard mandates the collection of crucial information at key stages of the construction process.

The Hackett report further identifies three critical Gateways – Design, Delivery, and Build – where accurate information input is vital. To comply with these requirements, the collected information must be easily accessible, secure, and consistent. Contractors now have a legal obligation to deliver this information, making reliable software and data capture no longer a luxury but a necessary culture change that emphasizes digitalisation by default.

Information management now demands accessibility not only among contractors but also with local authorities and fire and rescue services to ensure comprehensive safety measures.

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Workforce & SubContractor Communication:

To support constant communication among stakeholders on construction sites, the adoption of reliable and secure 5G technology is essential. Private 5G networks, coupled with push-to-talk (PTT) applications, enable seamless connectivity between the site, back office, home office, and project partners. This technology allows cost-effective deployment, efficient data capture, organisation, and analysis, even with large volumes of data and photographic information. 

Consequently, projects can be streamlined and proactive decision-making in real-time becomes possible. Safety audits can be conducted more swiftly and accurately, while regular training can be directly delivered to workers’ devices and recorded for future reference.

Mobile Phones and Health and Safety

The inability to monitor mobile devices on construction sites poses hazards due to the distractions caused by consumer-grade phones. Contractors face limitations in implementing rules for on-site device usage as most workers use personal devices. With the annual cost of accidents on UK construction sites exceeding £16 billion, employers incurring around 20% of these costs, distractions and lack of training are key factors contributing to accidents.

Implementing suitable technology enables the use of devices solely for work purposes, allowing efficient completion and storage of risk assessments. Real-time incident logging has seen a significant increase, up to 50%, allowing for prompt reporting and action. Technology solutions that provide control and monitoring over mobile devices enhance safety measures, reduce distractions, and improve focus, ultimately minimising costs and building a safer work environment.

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With 14 years serving the construction companies, we specialise in equipping your team with mobile device solutions to help them deal with the unexpected and successfully deliver every time.

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CS - HardFm

Fully Managed Service for Leading Independent Engineering and Services Business

Symec partnered with leading Hard FM company, together they focused on improving operational efficiency and net zero goals. Leveraging Symec’s next-day device swap service and efficient hardware procurement, they significantly streamlined their on-site operations and repair processes.

This partnership not only enhanced their service delivery but also reinforced their position as a leader in the industry.

Scaffolding on building of construction site

Fully Supported Building Merchant Including Asset Management

Symec has supported one of the UK’s largest builders merchant, on a multi-year project. They provided mobile devices, route optimisation, paperless delivery system and asset management.

This is supported by a fully managed services including break/fix swap, technical helpdesk, device configuration and management. Over two years, the solution optimised routes for nearly 700 branches, covering 30 million miles and delivering over 1.4 million orders. The project has been praised for successfully delivering business change and improving customer experience. 

Hand-off Device Management for Leading Specialist Distributor of Insulation

Symec partnered with a top insulation provider to handle the procurement, deployment, and management of their three key device roles: driver, corporate, and warehouse devices.

Symec fully manages the devices’ lifecycle, starting with planning, all the way through deployment, business as usual, and eventually recycling and end-of-life management. Our services include technical consultation, managing SIM contracts and assets using Symec Hub, whilst optimising their devices with OV2. 

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We offer end-to-end managed mobile device services, covering planning, deployment, ongoing management, and device retirement. With our expertise, we handle all aspects of mobile phone management, ensuring a seamless experience. From device selection to security and support, we take care of it all.

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1. Evaluate and Plan

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2. Procure

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3. Deploy

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4. Manage

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5. Retire and Dispose

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