We Are a Team of Experts in Retail Technology Solutions.

The retail environment is continually developing and seeking innovative ways to increase, retail worker efficiency, customer satisfaction, and profitability. Ensuring you have a streamlined and seamless digital ecosystem is a vital component of a modern-day retail environment.

A unified digital solution will benefit both your customers and employees, assisting them with a vast range of tasks. These days, technology has integrated with virtually every touch point ranging from, pre-sales – displaying products and digital catalogues to post sales such as receipt scanning and product return. This modern technology driven approach to the shop floor, universally elevates the way you can engage with your consumers, drive sales, and improve your brand value.

Through the combination of our expertise, experience and our extensive network of partnerships, we can offer a range of retail technology solutions that are tailored for you, your customers, and your colleagues’ requirements.

Whether people are shopping in-store, online, or a combination of both, the right technology is essential in providing customers with a more engaging, high-quality experience than ever before, unlocking the full potential of your operations.

How to Use Technology to Create an Omnichannel Environment

One of the biggest challenges for any retailer is maintaining a seamless experience across all channels, as boundaries between in-store and online become increasingly blurred. In this omnichannel environment, it’s therefore essential for retailers to adapt their operations to meet these evolving expectations.

The easiest way to adapt to these ever-changing challenges is by looking at key challenges and their technology solutions.

  • The need for mobile point-of-sale solutions
  • Advanced click-and-collect infrastructure
  • Integration of mobile tools
  • Inaccurate Stock Levels
  • Effective inventory management solutions
  • Fast omnichannel order fulfilment

We cover all aspect of retail​

Supermarkets and Grocery Stores

Restaurants and


Behind the Scenes
Warehousing & Logistics


The grocery store is one of the most complex retail environments, with its huge range of products, large customer base and physically large infrastructure – amalgamating into an often unique and multifaceted environment where technology plays an indispensable role in the level of service customers expect. Whether it is adequate Wi-Fi networking, ensuring no dead spots, or barcode scanners for stock checking and inventory, the supermarket and grocery store would grind to a halt without the assistances of mobile technology. Fast-moving consumer goods where consumables and perishables are commonplace, without an accurate and reliable stock management, loss of stock is sure to follow, eating into store profitability. Product assortment is given great importance within the supermarket, far greater than most retail environments, further reinforcing the importance of stock checks, management and logistics.

Convenience Stores

Usually, a little smaller than a supermarket the importance of stock management and accuracy is still essential to monitor stock, track delivery’s and re-order when needed. In addition to our solutions for large estates, we can offer innovative solutions on a smaller scale, ensuring you get the same benefits of reduced downtime, increased productivity and profits as the larger facilities.


Whilst shopfronts continue to move online, the infrastructure supporting the e-commerce store is still very much in the physical world with vast warehouses powering the seamless online shopping experience. With online shopping, comes the extra intricacies of the e-commerce environment such as the buy-many-keep-one shopper, next day shipping and accurate stock systems feeding into your website.


Of customers use multiple channels to shop.


Of brands recognize customer experience as the most important priority.


 Of shoppers want Scan and Go technology within grocery stores

$1.75 Trillion

Lost every year due to overstocks and returns cost retailers.

Warehousing & Logistics in the Retail Sector

Warehousing and logistics is the backbone of the retail sector, without accurate and responsive stock management, orders aren’t sent, food spoils and ultimately your customers are left unhappy. This often complicated industry is where we are experts, Symec’s speciality is untangling the complex, and presenting recommendations and plans that are easy to understand, whilst not compromising on the robustness of the solution.

Accurate stocktaking, organising and management sits on a foundation of scanning and labelling. Our team has extensive experience helping stage and manage a wide range of laser, image and 1&2D scanners, coming in a diverse range of forms from wearables and wireless, to augmented reality. We are platinum partners with the largest scanner manufacturers, ensuring you receive a scanning solution that works with your requirements, your facility and your colleagues – helping you maximise uptime, increasing efficiency and profitability.

With the forever increasing need for just in time logistics, this leaves no room for software or hardware downtime. To help you achieve the maximum up time, we have a team of certified experts that can guide you from pre-deployment to post-deployment. This includes everything from EMM/MDM management, staging, comprehensive maintenance contracts, etc. Our technical helpdesk based in the UK can help with any software and hardware issues, achieving a high number of first-time fixes, minimising downtime and hardware swap-outs.

We don’t trumpet our technology only to fall silent on support

Our Four Pillars of Expertise in Retail.

Software & MDM

Our team of certified experts have the knowledge and experience to seamlessly enrol and manage your fleet into an MDM and Line of Business software.


We provide impartial advice on best product fit, tailored to your requirements, ensuring you receive the best hardware for your business.

Managed Services

We are able to provide industry-leading managed services, reducing load on your internal team, increasing efficiency and saving money.


We are able to provide connectivity solutions with the largest tier 1 providers, supporting mobile unified communications and the IoT.

Symec Solutions that Power the Retail Stores

We can help you develop your omnichannel capabilities through the development of your hardware, software, and connectivity. Development within these three verticals can directly impact the way your business interacts with your customers, allowing you to manage your operations more efficiently and cost-effectively at every stage of your operation.


Inventory and Stock Control Scanners

Inventory counting and stock control scanners are a critical component within the retail environment, offering accuracy, convenience, and professionalism.  Gaining that real time inventory visibility provides you with accurate information, helping you increase sales and generally ensures your store has the right stock at the right time. Barcode stock management systems with modern mobile computers now dominate the scene providing your employees fully functioning work devices with built in scanning systems.

Essential for accurate stock taking and management, without a robust but flexible barcode system a company can grind to a halt as stock management becomes unwieldly and inefficient.

Digital Catalogues

Digital catalogues are a perfect addition to the shop front. Moving away from the paper catalogues of old, digital catalogues bring elements of online shopping into the store, providing you the opportunity to level the playing field with e-commerce. 

Customers know they will receive an informative relaxed experience when shopping online, now with mobile tablets you can bring the, traditionally online only, aspects like reviews, related products and even augmented reality into the store itself. Delivering a seamless customer experience in the physical space.

The utilisation of tablet devices as a in-store digital catalogue can link directly to your website, pulling the stock levels, pricing, and information. Providing your customers an always up to date source of information and another avenue of purchase.

Depending on the retail environment, it may not be logical to have all of your product on the shop floor. A perfect example of this is, an interior designer or furniture store where large items simply won’t fit in the premises, additionally a more interactive experience may be preferred, like that of augmented reality, displaying products like wallpaper and paint.

Click and Collect Solutions

As more consumers move online to shop, retailers are under increased pressure to offer more choice when it comes to the fulfilment of orders. The introduction of click and collect solutions offers advantages to both you and your customer. Providing easy to use storage facilities eliminates the risk and cost of missed delivers, making both your customers and drivers life easier. The other major advantage is that it is cheaper to offer click and collect that home delivery due to the single point of delivery, possibly only a couple of metres from the shelves themselves.

Self Scanning Technology in Retail

Retail self-scan is a popular alternative to self check-out and cashier based purchases, with the inclusion of dedicated rugged scanners, you can provide your customers another method of shopping, saving them time and energy and making their experience as seamless as possible. The implementation of self-service checkout shopping alongside traditional has a plethora of advantages over traditional service based tills – reducing long waiting times, potential walkouts and the reliance on staff numbers. Symec can provide a diverse range of handheld rugged scanners, ready for your customers to pick up, scan, pay and walk out of the door satisfied.


Our connectivity solutions are highly versatile and can be tailored to each specific business. Whether you have a 1000 devices requiring SIMS, or an aggregated data plan, we can work with you to ensure you leave with the best fitting connectivity contract.

We can offer a range of Wi-Fi only, and SIM based devices that can help your colleagues remain connected, decreasing dropouts, and increasing productivity. With over 12 years of experience working within the telecoms industry, we have chosen only the best network providers to partner with, ensuring you get the best coverage, fastest speed and least downtime. O2, EE and Vodafone

For more information on how we can help your facilities and the benefits it can bring to your business, please do not hesitate to contact us on today