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Your Obstacles.

The Transport and Logsitics industry face a wide variety of challenges, and your equipment and technology must support you, your operation and your colleagues every step of the way.  

Labour ShortAges:

As e-commerce continues to boom, there are an every growing number of job opportunities throughout the supply chain. However, filling these new roles is a challenge. City & Guilds released a report estimating the logistics sector will face a 400,000 staff shortfall by 2026. The shortage in workers is said to be due to a “perfect storm” of factors, including a backlog of driving tests for HGV drivers cancelled during the pandemic and Brexit with new immigration rules exacerbating existing shortages.

Attracting staff isn’t the only issue, retaining and training staff has also become a problem, all whilst customer expectations are rising.

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Safe Transportation of Dangerous or Valuable Goods

Dangerous goods account for about 8% of the total amount of goods transported in the UK. The transportation of these goods involves risks related to traffic accidents, climate conditions, inappropriate containers/packing materials, or vehicle breakdowns. Ensuring the safety of the materials  requires attention at all stages of transportation, including packing, labeling, documentation, and transportation. Various departments across organisations must work together to ensure safe transportation, and measures such as road control, speed restrictions, traffic control, and infrastructure upgrades are essential.

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Sustainability Shift:

The UK’s freight system has a critical role to play in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving air quality. As an industry as a whole, transport and logistics contribute to  34% of the UK’s total greenhouse gas emissions in 2022, making it the largest contributor among sectors.

As the pressure to meet climate targets grows, the decarbonisation becomes vital

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Circular Economy

Digital Transformation:

Digital transformation in the warehouse has become a key focus for businesses seeking to optimise their operations and stay competitive in a rapidly evolving market. The move away from paper-based systems towards digital technologies like warehouse management systems (WMS), RFID tracking, and barcode scanning has streamlined processes, reduced manual errors, and improved overall efficiency. Real-time data and analytics allow for better decision-making, optimising resource allocation, and enhancing productivity. 

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Experts in Transport and Logistics.

With 14 years serving the transport and logistics industry, we know that equipping your team with mobile device solutions to help them increase productivity, decrease downtime and increase colleague satisfaction is essential. 

Here’s What We Have Done.

Device Management for Leading Specialist Distributor of Insulation

Symec partnered with a top insulation provider to handle the procurement, deployment, and management of their three key device roles: driver, corporate, and warehouse devices.

Symec fully manages the devices’ lifecycle, starting with planning, all the way through deployment, business as usual, and eventually recycling and end-of-life management. 

Our services include technical consultation, managing SIM contracts and assets using Symec Hub, whilst optimising their devices with OV2. 

Our Services

We offer end-to-end managed mobile device services, covering planning, deployment, ongoing management, and device retirement. With our expertise, we handle all aspects of mobile phone management, ensuring a seamless experience. From device selection to security and support, we take care of it all.

Here’s how.


Symec’s backbone is providing rugged hardware to the transport and logistics industry, including everything from printers to handheld devices.


Over the years, we have developed a suite of our own applications that help the day to day operation of transport and logistics.


In addition to the hardware, we are experts in connectivity. We can help make sure your mobile devices are connected, monitored, and operational.

Managed Service

We have a team of experts to ensure your devices are operational 24/7, from device repair, to technical helpdesk, and solution architects. 

1. Evaluate and Plan

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2. Procure

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3. Deploy

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4. Manage

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5. Retire and Dispose

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