The logistics sector is set to be revolutionised by advanced connectivity. Find out how Symec can help with advanced transport management software.

Transport and logistics solutions

Connectivity is vital to today’s transport and logistics sector. Customers now expect to know where their driver is at all times and when they will receive their goods, while for businesses, logistics solutions that offer real-time visibility are invaluable in optimising strategies.

A digital-first future

Firms that still use paper-based processes for their delivery strategies are likely to suffer from a range of problems. In a fast-moving, highly demanding environment, there are several challenges these companies face.

These include:

  • Delivery errors

  • Lack of visibility into driver routes and locations

  • Poor route planning

The end result of these issues: Unhappy customers and additional costs for logistics firms.

Improving the accuracy and efficiency of deliveries

Digital technology offers solutions to all these issues. With tools such as transport management software connected to Internet of Things sensors, firms can enjoy much more accurate, efficient performance.

Solutions include:

  • RFID chips

  • Telematics  

  • Route optimisation software

  • Mobile signature capture/receipt generation

How Symec helps transform your operations

Symec’s services extend beyond more accurate, timely deliveries. Our tools help companies take a more proactive approach to their operations, enabling them to schedule maintenance before any issues arise and improve driver safety by ensuring they are sticking to rules and regulations.

The benefits of Symec’s transport and logistics solutions include:

  • Full, end-to-end visibility

  • Clear, auditable record-keeping

  • Improved worker safety

  • Enforcement of regulations such as working times

  • Identification and streamlining of inefficient processes

Get in touch with Symec today to find out more about how the right technology tools can help you improve your transport and logistics processes.


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