Field services workers demand constant connectivity. Here's how Symec services can help.

Field engineers are an essential part of many firms' operations, but to be successful, they require constant connectivity with the rest of the business. As more organisations adopt a mobile-first approach, the solutions these personnel use will need to offer full visibility, reliability and performance in challenging environments in order to support the business.

The challenges facing the employers of field workers

More than half of field service workers still use manual methods to manage their tasks, resulting in lower productivity and missed opportunities for businesses.

Companies that do not supply their field engineers with the right equipment can face many issues. An inability to communicate with on-site technicians can leave these workers isolated and lacking the support they need, as well as potentially creating safety issues.

A reliance on paper processes also makes these engineers less efficient and can lead to a poorer overall customer service.

Even if firms are providing digital tools to overcome these issues, they must be tough enough to withstand the rigours of outdoor environments. If devices aren't able to cope with challenges such as water or dust exposure, they will again leave engineers unable to do their jobs effectively.

Therefore, it's vital that companies can provide their workers with tough, reliable technology tools to address these challenges and meet the demands of the modern mobile environment.

Why field services connectivity matters

Even if firms equip their field engineers with the mobile technology tools they need to remain productive, there are still a range of issues that must be overcome. Poor connectivity can hamper productivity and leave employees disconnected from the rest of the business, as well as making it harder for employees to complete tasks.

Indeed, there are few things more frustrating for customers than dealing with workers who can't solve their issue straight away because they don't have the right tools or information on hand.

Firms also have to think about the health and safety of lone workers. Tools must ensure they can maintain constant contact with the rest of the business, and even send out SOS alerts in case of an emergency.

The Symec solution - the right technology for your workforce

Symec offers hardware, software and connectivity tools to address all these issues and ensure field services engineers always have full visibility into their business. Solutions such as session persistence apps ensure constant connectivity so workers can keep in touch at all times.

Whether you need to access inventory information, place orders, track the progress of jobs or manage scheduling, we provide a range of hardware and software suitable to any field services situation.

Symec customers also benefit from a comprehensive repair and replace programme that ensures workers will never be left without the hardware they need to complete their tasks.

Damaged and broken devices cost the business significant amounts of money due to undelivered services, or paid engineers not carrying out work duties. We can provide a significant cost reduction in repairing devices vs replacing them, and also eliminate the issues of device downtime by providing next-day swap out services when faults occur.

Whereas many manufacturer warranties have limitations on what they cover, Symec offers support for a wide range of issues, including accidental damage. Our next-day swap out service ensures that should a problem arise, you can get back to operating within 24 hours.

Our tools also eliminate the need for multiple dashboards to manage field services. Instead, the SYMEC HUB offers a single centralised management platform for asset visibility.

We can also help train field engineers who don’t go to an office. Traditional office-based training of every end user is a huge cost and requires participants to be out of work. For temporary and field employees, our Device Angel provides an on-device training tool to enable education in the field.

Ensuring you have the right technology

To be certain that you're getting the right field services solutions for you business, there are a few key questions you need to answer to help make the right decisions.

These include:

  • How many workers will require devices?
  • What information will they need to access from the field?
  • What risks may they face?
  • What hazards could their devices come into contact with?
  • What is the cost of repairing devices vs replacing them?

Get in touch today to learn more about how Symec can help field services engineers stay in touch wherever they are.