Revolutionise Your Supply Chain: Discover the Latest Warehousing and Logistics Innovations

From food to fridges, farm equipment to flooring, almost everything used within the modern world is stored, sorted, and distributed by the forever-growing global logistics ecosystem. Its no wonder logistics is often described as the circulatory system of modern-day society.

Logistics 4.0 - The Era of Data and Digitalisation

For some time now we have been seeing the evolution of “Logistics 3.0”, which saw the introduction of warehouse and transport management systems. Logistics 4.0, is the next stage of innovation, introducing developments such as robotics, automation, and big data – all aiming to improve processes and optimise resources.

 Robotics and new picking technology can help improve the speed and accuracy of order processing as well as inventory management, tracking, and analytics.

 Automation of processes allows you to streamline your operations and minimise costs.

● Big data analytics allows companies to gain insights into their supply chain data and ultimately make more informed decisions.

Optimising Logistics for a Sustainable Future

Sustainability within Logistics

We are already seeing that sustainability has become a major focus for industries around the world with logistics being no different.

Currently, the transport and logistics sectors contribute around 24% of global CO2 emissions. By 2050, the European Environment Agency expects global logistics to account for up to 40% of global carbon dioxide emissions. With this in mind, it is obvious that there is an urgent need to take action and develop ecofriendly solutions to shape the future of logistics.

Future investments in technology, logistics, and warehousing have the potential to make a substantial contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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We are Zebra Premier Solution Partners

Thanks to our long-term partnership with Zebra, we are perfectly positioned to help you overcome your logistic challenges. Our close relationship with Zebra allows us to provide you with competitive pricing, the ability to leverage our close working relationship with Zebra experts, and the best possible lead times.

Working with Zebra and Symec will bring you innovative, reliable, and cost-effective products, increasing both productivity and profitability. 

Robotics and Automation

Robotics within warehousing can help automate tasks, such as picking and packing, improving both the speed and accuracy of orders.  Additionally, robots can help with inventory management, tracking, and analytics. This can help businesses better understand their inventory, leading to more efficient stocking and improved customer service.

Zebra's Fetch Robotics

Fetch Robotics increases efficiency and productivity by enabling intralogistics automation.

Zebra’s Fetch Robotics are a type of robot known as an “Autonomous mobile robot” (AMRs). These robots are becoming increasingly popular in warehouses and other logistics settings. 

“According to the International Federation of Robotics’ (IFR) report World Robotics 2021: Service Robots, one in three professional service robots are being built for the transportation of goods or cargo”

They navigate their way around your warehouse without the need for manual intervention using a variety of sensors, such as LIDAR, ultrasonic, and camera systems, and can be programmed to navigate around obstacles and respond to commands from a centralised control system.

These robots are usually programmed to move goods from one area of the warehouse to another autonomously.  Whilst moving goods around, AMRs can be used for inventory management and tracking, allowing for greater accuracy and efficiency in the warehouse.

Benefits of Fetch Robotics

Fetch robots provide on-demand material handling and inventory management solutions that can find, track, and move almost anything in any facility. The major advantage of these robotics is that they speed up throughput by decreasing material handling tasks by up to 50% allowing you to reallocate existing labour to higher-value work, helping you increase employee retention, and reclaim up to 15% of your warehouse capacity.

Environmental Benefits

Reduce errors and landfil contributions

Automated production line scanning is essential if you want to thoroughly scan every item on your production line. Zebra’s machine vision allows you to check each and every item at a speed and accuracy that will allow you to maintain confidence that your output is being inspected properly.

Without this high level of scrutiny, you may face production errors or even worst, recalls.  As we all know production errors and recalls are expensive both for the company as well as the environment. 

Stop defective or damaged products from being thrown away and catch these small mistakes before they add up to costly returns and drops in production quality.

Machine Vision and Fixed Industrial Scanners

Improve Your Production Line Efficiency with Zebra's Machine Vision Solutions

Zebra’s Fixed Industrial Scanners and Machine Vision Systems are designed to aid in the automation of essential supply chain processes, including the production, storage, and fulfillment of products.

Machine Vision Systems

Manufacturing has become increasingly complex—parts, processes and expectations included. Zebra‘s Machine Vision Systems have been designed to reduce production defects, increase throughput and improve overall efficiency. Zebra’s advanced smart cameras make it easy to extend your scanning capabilities and perform simple or complex quality inspections on your production line.

Upgradeable features let you purchase a simple software license to meet your business‘s evolving needs. Plus, with Zebra Aurora, you can easily set up, deploy and run it all from a single unified software platform.

Fixed Industrial Scanners

Zebra’s Fixed Industrial Scanners offer reliable barcode scanning performance to efficiently track and trace products from manufacture to delivery. With a model to suit every requirement, and the potential to upgrade features to keep up with the changing needs of your business, you can be sure of a dependable solution. 

These fixed industrial scanners are perfect for scanning basic barcodes on packages to more complex capture of printed and direct-marked barcodes of various sizes and at various distances, providing you with the flexibility to suit your operations.


Zebra Intelligent Cabinets

Optimise Your Mobile Device Storage and Management

If you don’t have enough space to store your mobile device estate, you introduce a whole range of risks to your operations. Increased damages, losses of assets, and obstructions to workflows all have an impact on your productivity and overall profits. 

Investing in a storage solution that is equipped with not only the necessary storage space but security features and device analytics is essential to help you optimise your operations and workflows.

Protect Devices with Authorised-Only Security

With secure, authorised-only device storage, Zebra Intelligent Cabinets enables controlled issuing of devices and device traceability, so your operations can:

Optimise Device Storage, Accessibility and Management

The entire Zebra cabinet collection of; Cabinets, Racks, Cradle Locks, Customized Carts, and Trolleys have been designed to help you optimise your assets, operations, and workflow. Zebra’s end-to-end storage solutions, security applications, and software automation can help you increase the productivity of your mobile computers, mobile printers, and tablets. 

With our ongoing support, you can ensure your business is running at its highest performance and optimal security in warehouse, transportation & logistics, retail, and healthcare operations.

Maximise your Device's Performance

Zebra Intelligent Cabinets consolidate your Zebra devices while connecting them to accelerate business processes. These cabinets provide optimal use of your devices without disrupting operations during each shift.

Zebra Intelligent Cabinets can help you get the most out of your devices, making them ready for use during every shift without impacting operations. This can help you no matter what environment you work in. Perfect for warehouses, transportation & logistics, retail, and healthcare. 

Keep an eye on and consolidate your device requirements


Optimise Your Warehouse Operations with Professional Warehouse Audits

We understand the importance of having a productive and efficient workforce. With Symec’s thirteen years of experience working with transport and logistics, we are perfectly positioned to help you find the right technology and processes to get the most out of your facilities. Our experienced consultants will work with you to develop and implement strategies that will increase productivity, reduce costs, and boost overall performance. 

We offer a wide range of services, from developing and implementing new technologies to streamlining existing processes. We understand the complexities of the supply chain and can provide tailored solutions that meet your specific needs. With our experience and expertise, you can be sure that your supply chain is running as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

1. Establish Audit Objectives:
2. Gather Information:
3. Conduct On-Site Audit:
4. Analyse Findings:
5. Develop Recommendations:
6. Implement Recommendations:

If you‘re interested in seeing what innovations may help your warehouse, contact us today to and explore how we can help you find the solutions you need.