Mobility Edge, is a mobile platform from Honeywell that tackles the major challenges of enterprise mobility.

Mobility Edge is designed to unleash you from the burdens of fragmented mobile computing. Unified, dynamic hardware-and-software platform that helps you deliver and manage mobile solutions across your enterprise.

The platform enables you to simplify deployments, optimise mobile worker performance and extend the lifecycle of your devices.

Mobility Edge enables you to deploy faster, easier, and at a lower cost. Enabling versatile out-of-the-box capabilities and a rapid provisioning suite, Mobility Edge expedites development, certification, setup, and training involving multiple form factors at once.

Honeywell devices will now all run using the platform, starting with the CT60 and CN80.  


The major issues facing enterprise mobility

Honeywell spoke to hundreds of enterprise companies to understand the issues they face around their mobility solutions. There were 10 main problems that were causing these companies headaches:

  1. Use cases – Large, enterprise companies have many different needs and uses for the device depending on the specific part of the organisation.
  2. Deployment – It can take a lot of time and cost too much to certify and deploy, causing teams to build up backlogs.
  3. Adaptability – Every team wants to be able to customise to their preferences, but not every company has the budget or time to stage and deploy for everyone.
  4. User Experience – A simplified overall user experience will make training easier.
  5. Ergonomics – Customers need rugged equipment, but not at the expense of usability.
  6. Uptime – Businesses want to make the most out of their devices.
  7. OS Migration – Moving to Android can be costly, risky and disruptive. Managing it effectively is key.
  8. Fragmentation – Many companies have a large range of operating systems, versions and form factors. Managing this can be a complicated process.
  9. Data Security – Are your devices up-to-date with the latest security patches?
  10. Lifecycle limits – Certain devices are limited to a number of OS updates, but not everyone has the budget to refresh.


What benefits are there to Mobility Edge?

 Accelerate Deployment:

A rapid provisioning suite makes mobile deployments faster, easier, and lower cost. Validate new apps and updates once, then deploy across all form factors – instead of a burdensome process for each different device.

Optimise Performance:

Productivity-optimizing tools. Faster data capture and secure, enhanced worker communications. With Mobility Edge, you can drive device performance for greater efficiency and worker productivity. Powerful, embedded tools help workers capture data faster and communicate easily and securely.

Extend Lifecycle:

Forward-compatible. Future-proof. Reducing TCO and minimizing headaches. With enterprise lifecycle tools, you can count on greater reliability and a longer lifecycle, with hardware designed to support more operating system upgrades – through to Android Q – than any competitive product can promise.

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