The Needs

As customers have turned to online shopping, Jersey Post has experienced a 196% increase in parcels handled since 2007.

Customers expect Jersey Post’s parcel delivery service to be robust and reliable. They also want a real-time view of where their deliveries are and when they will arrive.

To meet these challenges and create new revenue streams, Jersey Post needed to extend track-and-trace capabilities across its entire network.

However, this was hindered by outdated, bulky handheld devices that could not be upgraded to the Android™ operating system and the newest technologies.

Our Solution

Jersey Post engaged Symec Technologies  and Skillweb, a provider of mobile workforce and item tracking solutions. Their goal was to revamp the outdated system to meet customer demands for better notification throughout the delivery process and streamline the customs clearance process for imported items.

Skillweb deployed its SmartTask POD software on the latest generation of Honeywell Dolphin™ CT50 mobile computers, which offer 2D barcode scanning and remote management capabilities. The devices feature a modern all-touch interface, which is intuitive and easy for postal workers to learn, and a powerful, fast scanner that helps workers achieve a new level of productivity and efficiency for scan-intensive applications.

The Results

  • The new mobile devices, along with updated tracking solutions, enabled Jersey Post’s workers to provide greater visibility into the delivery process to consumers and business partners.
  • The solution increased the responsiveness of the delivery services team and allowed Jersey Post to add additional services to meet growing consumer demand for more responsive delivery.
  • The technology investments gave Jersey Post staff and customers a clearer view of the progress of an item, from receipt through to delivery.

Creating Revenue Opportunities

Jersey Post has extended its delivery network to 124 delivery routes for both letters and parcels. Of these, 54 are walking and cycling routes that can be tracked in real-time using the Honeywell Dolphin CT50 handheld computers, enabling Jersey Post to provide consistent tracking events across its network. This allows for more delivery options for customers, reducing the amount of undelivered parcels and driving greater first-time deliveries.

The deployment of the Dolphin CT50 devices and SmartTask POD software has initiated a strategic shift in the devices’ operating system from Windows Mobile™ to Android. In the longer term, Jersey Post is looking to the Android platform capability to deploy industry-standard applications to support the ’final mile’ team in delivering a greater range of value-added services at each doorstep. These include secure drop, parcel lockers and customer collections from a post office.

A key success factor has been enhanced customer communications. These have improved a great deal, from providing more delivery options for customers to sharing more details on the whereabouts of a parcel in real-time to customers through a web portal or applications on smartphones.