Today’s work forces are constantly on the move.  Our sales people, field engineers and management teams need access to business critical applications, data and social media feeds where ever they are in the world, regardless of the simple ability of  making a phone call.  A strong mobile connectivity solution is imperative for these needs, and we realise that every business are different. 

Symec are completely independent and able to provide services on all the major UK networks.  We can mix and match these services to your requirements on a single bill.

Our IoT solutions have access to a multitude of UK and international carriers offering both steered, un-steered, single or multi network sims in all form factors. Services can be provided globally with a choice of either UK or International carriers. We appreciate that all customer needs are different, and we pride ourselves on building bespoke cutting-edge solutions that are uniquely different. This sets us apart from the competitors and enables competitive advantage over and above bottom-line price.

Connectivity Partners