Device Mounting Solutions

About Brodit

Brodit develops and manufactures products for the installation of communication devices in vehicles. Brodit Holders are manufactured for the majority of mobile devices, including the latest Samsung Galaxy, Apple iPhone plus adjustable holders to fit a device with a protective case. Brodit Holders are also available for many workforce handheld terminals including Zebra, Honeywell, Getac and Panasonic.

By using a Brodit ProClip your TomTom or Garmin sat nav can be fitted securely to your vehicle’s dashboard in a Brodit Holder. Choose a Passive Holder for a non-charging solution or Active to have charging built in. The tilt swivel on the back of a Brodit holder will allow the holder to be adjusted 20° in every direction to point towards the driver and away from glare.

The Brodit solution is a 2 part system consisting of a Brodit holder and Brodit ProClip.

Brodit Holder

Brodit holders are available as non-charging, known as Passive, or Active with integrated charging. With a passive holder you are still able to insert your own charging cable. Brodit holders are generally device specific and fit perfectly. If your device has a protective case then you should choose a holder that is labelled as adjustable. These are adjusted with a screwdriver to create your own perfect fit holder for your device in its case. If you already have a holder and are just changing your vehicle then you can skip straight to the ProClip.

Brodit ProClip

The ProClip is the second part of the 2 step Brodit solution. When fitted, the ProClip simply creates a secure flat plastic plate ready for the holder to be attached. This way you are screwing the holder to the ProClip mount and not your dashboard!

ProClips are tailor made to fit your specific vehicle, giving you a flat plate to attach your Brodit holder – without causing any damage to your dashboard. Then, when you decide to change your device, you only need to replace your holder to fit your new device. Simply remove the old holder from the ProClip, and attach the new one. The ProClip simply snaps into place in gaps in the dashboard, you do not need to drill holes, use special tools or dismantle the dashboard.

Headrest Mounts

Brodit headrest mounts attach to the headrest posts on the front seat and provide a secure, wobble free, solution for a tablet. Simply measure the size of the device you wish to mount and choose one of the headrest mount solutions.

Tablet Holders

Brodit Tablet Holders are available for the majority of devices and available as a simple non charging solution, as well as dedicated Active Holders with charging built-in. Brodit also manufacture adjustable Holders to fit a tablet in a protective case. The addition of a Brodit Headrest mount will mount your tablet on the vehicle’s front seat to help keep your rear passengers entertained on a long journey.

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