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Complete Kiosk Solutions,
Tailored to Your Business

Industry expertise, intuitive design, unparalleled specification. Our kiosks propel your business forward, with the future in mind.

From a simple sketch, to bespoke kiosk solutions rolled out to global enterprises, the company’s passion for design and innovative solutions has developed imageHOLDERS into a leading kiosk service provider within iPad, tablet and computer kiosks, enclosures and device integration.

Working to provide solutions as a self-service kiosk manufacturer to a hotel check-in and fast food kiosk manufacturer, their objective is to allow businesses to easily utilise technology to increase customer experience and engagement. By integrating devices with tablets, touch screens and compact CPU’s, the team manufacture interactive, touch screen and computer kiosks that are cost-effective, efficient and future-proof.

imageHOLDERS are tablet universal due to future proof universal tablet trays. They are experts in creating device integration OEM solutions, suitable for integrating any device from a contactless NFC reader to an A4 printer. They support clients from a variety of industry sectors including hospitality, retail, leisure, automotive, casino, corporate and healthcare – all of which have seen the benefits of tablet enclosure kiosks first-hand. They have a range of different products to suit all consumers needs from iPad, tablet and computer kiosk stands, locking table mounts to wall mounts.

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