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Leading Unified Endpoint Management Provider

42Gears is a Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) solution provider that helps businesses manage both employee-owned (BYOD) and company-owned devices ranging from tablets, phones, desktop, wearables, VR, AR, IoT devices. 42Gears’ UEM solution supports devices running Android, iOS, macOS, iPadOS, Windows, Linux, and WearOS. More than 10,000 customers in over 115 countries trust 42Grears and its solutions to manage their mobile device landscape. They are ably supported by over 100 partners spread across the globe.

42Gears Mobility Management Suite

Being modular and highly customisable, 42Gears’ products can be easily integrated into existing business systems and better manage devices with functionalities such as Device Lockdown, Remote Management, Secure Browsing, Secure Email, Application Management, Content Management, and Contacts Management to build a perfectly managed mobility ecosystem.


SureMDM is the device management solution preferred by beginners and seasoned IT professionals alike. Using a single pane of glass IT admins can secure, monitor, and manage Android, iOS/iPadOS, Windows, macOS, Linux, and Wear OS devices. SureMDM perfectly complements its easy-to-understand interface with a rich, powerful functionality set. In conjunction with its affordable price, these features make SureMDM an excellent fit for deployments of any size.
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SureLock is a device lockdown solution that turns off-the-shelf devices into secure, dedicated-purpose kiosks. Once IT admins install SureLock on a device, they can lock the device down to run a restricted set of one or more pre-approved apps. Moreover, SureLock ensures that the end user cannot tamper with lockdown settings unless equipped with a special password.


SureFox is a secure browser solution that restricts users to only specific approved websites and turns any device to a secure web kiosk. With SureFox kiosk browser software, businesses can make access to the Internet available wherever and whenever users need it, without the risks often tied to Internet use.
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SureVideo is a digital signage solution. Any company that needs to set up digital signage can use SureVideo to turn any Android, Windows, or iOS/iPadOS device into secure digital signage. Once set up, SureVideo can play back many types of media and resist tampering, ideal for retail, entertainment, or any other industry where secure signage makes a difference.


AstroContacts is an enterprise contact management solution that helps employees quickly find and connect with their co-workers. AstroContacts requires no training to use. If workers know how to operate the phone book on their smartphones, they already know how to use AstroContacts.
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AstroFarm is a unique private mobile device farm solution. AstroFarm empowers your team of developers and testers to access your company’s devices from anywhere, at any time. This saves companies the cost of purchasing the same devices multiple times.

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