The Challenge

Arriva’s estate of 800 Blackberry phones had reached the end of their contract. The company wanted to move away from the expensive mobile device management (MDM) tool that they were using and they had selected Samsung Xcover 3 as the replacement devices. The replacement phones were required to be rolled out in a short space of time. As one of the biggest resellers of Samsung devices in the UK and with our excellent reputation, Arriva felt that Symec Technologies was the company best equipped to complete the job

Our Solution

Symec staged and deployed all 800 devices in the specified time frame. A detailed Airwatch mobile device management (MDM) design was produced specifically for Arriva and gold builds were created to support the staging process. This allowed a master copy of the software and setting configurations to be replicated, so that the team could stage devices quickly while being confident that each is set up in the same way. This reduced the pressure on Arriva’s IT team. On-site deployment was provided to ensure that the right device was given to the right user; a short introduction to the devices was also given. In addition, Symec bought back all of the old Blackberry devices representing significant savings on the new investment for Arriva.

The Result

Symec were able to stage and deploy a large number of devices in a short period of time for a competitive price with excellent customer satisfaction. Our flexible approach means that we give our clients the exact service and support they require. As a result, Arriva have turned to Symec to continue rolling out mobile devices for all employees. At the time of writing (August 2016), 8,500 devices have been issued and this number is increasing