What is Samsung Knox?:

Samsung Knox is more than just a security feature; it’s a comprehensive security platform embedded directly into Samsung Galaxy devices. Born out of the need for real-time, end-to-end protection, Knox collaborates with industry giants like Google and Cisco to deliver a security solution that’s always a step ahead. Whether your employees are working across continents or just down the hall, Knox ensures they do so with the highest level of security.

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Key Benefits

Designed to offer real-time, end-to-end protection for Samsung Galaxy devices, ensuring users can work securely without compromising productivity or freedom. 

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Uncompromised Productivity

In the modern workplace, mobility and productivity go hand in hand. Samsung Knox ensures that employees can access resources swiftly and securely, irrespective of their location.

Defense from the Ground Up

With threats becoming increasingly sophisticated, Knox prioritises hardware-level security. From the chip to the software, every layer is fortified against potential breaches.

Freedom with Security

Knox understands the dual needs of modern professionals: flexibility and security. It ensures that while employees have the tools they need, the organisation’s data remains shielded.

Complete Control

One of Samsung’s unique strengths is its end-to-end control over product development. This ensures that every component of a Samsung device, from design to deployment, is optimised for security.

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Service Highlights

When it comes to managing your enterprise’s mobile devices, expertise and security are paramount. Our Samsung Knox experience allows us to offer a range of service highlights that allow your organisation to thrive in the digital space.

Here’s how.

Knox Platform for Enterprise:

A robust security platform embedded directly into Samsung devices. It offers multi-layered protection, from the hardware to the software, ensuring that Samsung devices are fortified against potential threats. This platform is the foundation of all Knox solutions, providing a secure environment for enterprise operations.

Knox Manage:

A comprehensive enterprise mobility management solution that offers advanced management features. This includes location tracking, kiosk wizard, remote support tools, and event-based policies. It provides IT admins with the tools they need to manage devices effectively throughout their lifecycle.

Knox Mobile Enrollment:

A streamlined solution for IT admins to enroll multiple Samsung devices into their enterprise at once, without having to manually set up each device. It ensures that devices are ready for work from the moment they are powered on, simplifying the deployment process.


An advanced software update management tool that allows IT admins to select and deploy specific OS versions that are compatible with their corporate apps. This ensures that devices remain up-to-date without disrupting the workflow.

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Samsung Knox offers market-proven security to advance businesses. It provides protection at every layer and at all times, both with built-in and managed security. This ensures that devices are safeguarded against vulnerabilities, allowing businesses to focus on their core operations without security concerns.

Key Features:

  • Remote device health attestation for integrity checks.
  • Government-grade data protection with advanced encryption technologies.
  • Advanced network security features, including Knox VPN and Secure Browser.

Samsung Knox simplifies the deployment and configuration process. It allows for the rapid enrollment of thousands of work devices, ensuring they are ready for work from the moment they’re powered on.

  • Streamlined out-of-the-box setup for efficient device deployment.
  • Flexible and secure enrollment options tailored for IT admins.
  • Efficient device staging across various environments, including cloud, local, and hybrid.

Samsung Knox offers comprehensive management capabilities for work devices and OS versions. It provides tools to manage all stages of the device lifecycle, ensuring devices remain under IT control.

Key Features:

  • Powerful device management with features like location tracking and kiosk wizard.
  • Advanced software update management for seamless OS updates.
  • Flexible access to Knox features through a built-in web console or EMM.

Samsung Knox provides actionable insights for business devices. It gives IT admins visibility into device status, usage patterns, and potential performance issues.

Key Features:

  • Intelligent battery management for optimised device usage.
  • Deep insights into device-level app usage.
  • Comprehensive oversight of the entire fleet of devices.