Connected Vehicle

Bring wireless telematics to your vehicle with Symec's Connected Vehicle solution. 

Not only does the wireless IoT gateway allow you to connect up to five devices, it provides cloud-based data analytics via an Enterprise portal and smartphone app. The solution acquires your fleet's hidden data and allows you to transform it into analytical and actionable intelligence to improve driving safety, save fuel expense, cut emissions and enhance efficiency. 

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1. Driver Education

Analyse driver behaviour and acquire your fleets hidden data allowing you to save fuel expense, cut emissions and enhance efficiency.

You will be able to monitor driver style and behaviour, allowing you to encourage driving that is safer and more economical.

2. Telematics & Vehicle Behaviour

Live vehicle tracking and an accelerometer that gives stolen vehicle alerts and offers accurate impact and shock data.

Proven to reduce vehicle insurance for your fleet. 31% of businesses that use telematics have seen a reduction in maintenance costs by monitoring: vehicle mileage, battery condition, warning lights and fault codes.

3. In-vehicle Wifi

Improve the connectivity in your vehicle and ensure that up to five people have on-board WiFi. Just scan a QR code to share the WiFi hotspot.

Receive data usage alerts to ensure you stay within your data plan. Field workers can improve their efficiency by remaining connected.