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What is Rugged/Corporate Device Repair?

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If you’re looking for mobile computer repair and maintenance services that have been designed to offer fully-flexible support solutions to your business, look no further than Symec. Our industry-leading repair facilities and team of certified technicians allow us to offer solutions far-beyond standard “repair”, helping you reduce operational downtime when your devices are out of use.

This means maximum “up-time” and peace of mind for you and your colleagues. 

Here’s how.

Key Benefits

We help reduce the complexity of managing the ongoing repair and maintenance of your mobile devices and mobile computers, freeing up your IT team to focus on strategic initiatives.

Here’s how.

Maximise Your Operational Productivity

By swiftly resolving device issues or carrying out a next day swap our Mobile Device Repair service ensures that your enterprise operations remain uninterrupted, allowing your colleagues to get back to the task at hand as soon as possible.

Budget and Environmental Benefits

Repairing mobile devices instead of replacing them can significantly reduce costs and your environmental impact. Our efficient repair service helps you save on capital expenditure while extending the lifespan of your existing devices.

Specialist Enterprise Repair Processes

Repairing your own personal device and ensuring your entire fleet of devices remain operational are completely different. So why treat them the same? With our specialist repair processes like “next-day swap” you can rest assured each and every one of your devices can be repaired in the quickest way possible. 

Bespoke Solutions

Our repair service can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your enterprise-level operations, providing you with flexible and reliable repair options that suit your business requirements.

Stay ahead of the curve in enterprise mobility. Get in contact to see how we can ensure your operations repair uninterrupted.

Wide Range of Supported Manufacturers

Device Repair Highlights

Here’s how.

Next Day Exchange.

Symec’s Next Day Exchange service has been designed to streamline device replacement and minimise operational disruption. With this service, Symec assumes the responsibility of sourcing, holding, and maintaining a buffer stock of devices. Leveraging a closed-loop process, Symec ensures the collection of a faulty device and simultaneous delivery of a fully functional replacement.  You will receive updates at each stage, from incident logging to closure, through Symec Hub or your preferred IT Service Management software.

Symec Hub or Service Now.

Log repair tickets seamlessly and view the status of all tickets in real-time via Symec Hub or Service Now integration. Symec Hub also gives you access to a reports tool where you can create filtered, grouped and ordered, reports, revealing previously unknown patterns and insights.

Double Layered Quality Control.

Our Repair Quality Assurance (QA) process ensures optimal performance and functionality of devices through meticulous inspection and testing procedures. Beginning with a comprehensive initial triage by experienced technicians to identify any software or hardware faults, the device is then repaired by certified professionals. Post-repair, the device undergoes a two-stage QA testing phase, involving diagnostic tests, functional tests, performance evaluations, and software testing. Spot checks by a supervisor provide a second layer of scrutiny, guaranteeing the quality and reliability of the repair.

Stay ahead of the curve in enterprise mobility. Get in contact to see how we can ensure your operations repair uninterrupted. ​

Next Day Device Exchanged

Take the risk out of device repair

Next Day Swap Isometric Process Flow

The Next Day Exchange service has been specifically tailored to businesses who have a large number of devices and rely heavily on their them for everyday operation. 

Starting with a reported faulty device, we prepare a replacement from our buffer stock which is shipped the next business day for delivery at the user location.

The critical part of our service is the closed-loop process, where the replacement device is delivered and the faulty device picked up at the same time. This ensures minimal disruption and maximum efficiency.

Each stage of this process is trackable and reportable via our Symec Hub or your preferred ITSM with the process being updated at every stage, from the call being logged to the incident being closed

We strive for proactive engagement with our customers, with the aim of highlighting recurring issues, identifying trends, and helping reduce the number of incidents logged. Our collaborative approach enables us to tailor our service offerings to your requirements, thereby providing a personalised and efficient solution. 

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