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Shareable Concepts


Shareable groups are the group of devices that you want content to be distributed to.

In Shareable its possible to have any number of groups however a device can only be a member of one Group. 

Devices assigned to a group can be moved to another group within the Shareable Administration tool. 

Each Group has a unique Group ID which is system generated using secure 128-Bit UUID. 

Symec Hub user groups can be allocated to the Shareable groups allowing you to configure who can send content to your groups. Please note Symec user Groups and Users are configured by your Symec Administrator. 

Asset ID 

It is no longer possible for non system applications to access privileged data on an android device, so we must add a unique identifier for the device. 

This allows you to identify which devices have downloaded and viewed your messages. 

While the asset ID’s can be anything we would strongly advise you use the Symec Asset ID for the device, so we can  further improve your reporting through EMM integration. 

On-line / Off-line mode 

Shareable will download content to the device, so it can be viewed when the device is not connected to a network, we call this Off-Line Mode.

When the memory allocation for shareable has been used Shareable will delete the media content by last viewed, so content vied frequently will always be on the device,  but the message and the link to view will remain, so the content can still be viewed if needed, we call this On-Line Mode. 

Using this methodology it ensures the latest most used content is available locally on the device irrespective of the device / blend of devices in use. If you require content to be constantly available locally on a device, off-line mode, you will need to ensure you do not exceed the memory available on your devices. 

Shareable ADMIN

Shareable Permissions Matrix

Shareable has 2 levels of user. Shareable Administrator and Shareable Admin user. 

Permission Administrator Admin User
View All Groups
Move Devices Between Groups
Create Groups
Edit Groups
Delete Group
Create Message
Edit Message
Edit Confirmation Statement
View Notification Centre
Export Reports
Archive Devices
Add and Remove Media

Groups Administration 

Creating Groups 

Editing a Group 

Deleting a Group 


Moving a Device from one Group to Another 

Creating, sending, & amending messages

Creating a new message

Deleting Messages



Use Shareable setting to customise the application to your requirements. 


Reporting data points

Shareable records key data against shared content. 


  • Device (model) 
  • Asset ID
  • Group Name
  • Last Online


  • Name
  • Text
  • Last Update time 
  • Content Score
  • Signature Name
  • Confirmation required. No, Required, Signed Displaying Image
  • Status. Not Received, Received or Seen 

Archiving Devices

Over time some of your devices may go out of use so Shareable allows for these devices to be archived. This will remove the device from the group and the device will no longer receive Shareable notifications. 

Media Library

Chat Administrator 

Mobile Application


Deployed devices via EMM 

Shareable is configured to accept EMM config and android intents for a seamless zero touch deployment to your estate. 

Staged Devices 

Devices with Shareable as part of the build will come with the application preloaded to the device and fully configured. 

Deployed devices Manual installation  

To allow for all possible use cases Shareable is also manually configurable. 

Install Application 
Download the application from the Playstore and open it on your device. 
Assign Asset ID
Type the Asset ID for the device 
Assign User Group ID
  1. Go to your shareable instance in the Symec Hub.
  2. Select the group you would like to assign the device to.
  3. Copy the User Group ID
  4. Either paste the User Group ID into a QR code generator and scan (recommended method) or type the User Group ID into the device. 
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Save Settings 

Click save settings and your device will be enrolled onto the group with its identity defined by the asset ID

Using the Shareable Application 

External Messages 

The application allows external messages to be forwarded onto others using SMS

Viewing messages 

Click on the message pod which will bring up the full message. 

Sending Messages to new recipient 

Shareable allows external messages to be forwarded on. This can be done with any suitable application on the device that supports sending messages. 


Internal Messages 

Internal messages cannot be forwarded onto other users and are viewable only on a device with Shareable installed. 

Viewing messages 

Click on the message pod which will bring up the full message. 


Message Confirmations

If a message is configured for confirmation required, the application user will see the request in the message list and when they open the message.


Clicking on the confirmation required with display the confirmation screen. The text here is configurable in Shareable Admin. 

Here the user is asked to type their name and sign. 


Once the confirmation has been made this will be displayed on the message view screen. 


Content Rating

Shareable allows the user to rate the image / video content out of 5. This provides the users the ability to easily give feedback on the content that is being produced. 

Simply click on the starring in the message view box and select the number of stars you would allocate to the content.