With over 5 billion devices connected within the next 3 years we are seeing an information revolution like never before.

Let Symec help you connect your business to maximise productivity, lower costs and improve efficiency today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

Whether you have field workers spread across the country or flexible staff who work at home, one thing remains the same — your team needs the right tools and processes to work productively.

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Latest Case Studies

The top three ways EMM will change the construction sector in 2022

Construction has always been a mobile industry, as projects are done in the field and often in remote locations. Communication needs are wide ranging between offsite project managers, architects, home offices and customers.
Read on to find out the top three ways Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) from SOTI will drive change in the sector in 2022.

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Advanced SOTI Reporting Module

Have you ever wished you could allow your team leaders and department heads to be able to build their own custom SOTI reports without having to grant them admin access to SOTI?

Would you love to be able to easily create and schedule custom SOTI reports ?

Symec have now added a SOTI reporting module to our innovative Symec hub that allows you to do exactly this allowing your team to create, customise, filter, and schedule reports in 8 simple steps.

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