To make the most of your communications, a unified system that integrates all the tools and technology available will be a must. To do this effectively, a hosted voice solution will provide the flexibility, scalability, and control needed to be successful.

The benefits of unified communications

Unified communications (UC) are now essential for any firm. This offers a single solution that encompasses every method of contact within the business, enabling collaboration more effectively, improve how customers engage, and better support the mobile workforce. 

Key elements of a UC solution include:

  • Voice
  • Videoconferencing
  • Instant messaging/web chat
  • Desktop/screen sharing
  • Mobility

How hosted services improve connectivity

A hosted voice solution is one of the most effective ways to ensure businesses can benefit from a unified communications system. These cloud-based technologies offer a wide range of benefits:

  • Great flexibility and scalability
  • Easy, per-user subscription-based costing
  • Advanced call monitoring and management features
  • High resilience

Such tools are especially beneficial where workers are spread over wide geographical locations, while their range of advanced features and controls are useful for operations such as contact centres.

The three components of an effective solution

In order for UC systems to work effectively, businesses will need to focus on three key areas. These are:
  • Technology – the hardware and software used as the basis for communications.
  • Connectivity – the networks and services that ensure you’re able to reliably keep in touch wherever you are.
  • Strategy – the management and planning tools that ensure effective service  delivery to users giving everyone immediate access to the communication and collaboration tools needed.

Whether you’re just starting to build a communications system or looking to upgrade or migrate from existing legacy technologies. Get in touch today to find out how we can help you develop an integrated comms system that lets people keep in touch wherever they are.