Acquiring or upgrading mobile devices can be a costly activity for businesses, requiring significant upfront investment. But this doesn’t have to be the case. With our certified refurbished devices, you can access the solutions you need without investing in brand-new hardware, while still having the peace of mind that you’re getting high-quality mobile tools.

Why choose refurbished devices?

If you need to upgrade your existing mobile hardware solutions because they have been discontinued or otherwise reached their end of life, but don’t want to invest in brand-new replacements, choosing refurbished devices is an ideal option, and Symec can help you extend the lifespan of your devices.

Unlike a used phone, a refurbished device has undergone a thorough process to restore its performance and appearance to as close to new as possible, and has been tested and certified to ensure it meets the high expectations of business users.

This enables you to maintain the effectiveness of your mobile estate and keep employees equipped until you’re ready to upgrade to new devices. They are also highly useful for peak periods when you need to add to your tools quickly, but haven’t budgeted for new devices.

Certified refurbished

With our certified refurbished products, you can rest assured your devices have been thoroughly inspected for their quality, and in the unlikely event there is a defect, you have the benefit of a warranty to ensure swift repair or replacement. Our certified refurbished offers include the following:
  • 100-point certification check
  • All devices Grade A (look as good as new) or Grade B (minor signs of use)
  • 90-day warranty, with the option to extend this to three years
  • All makes and models available