What is zero-touch enrolment?

Zero-touch enrolment is a streamlined process for Android devices to be provisioned for enterprise management. On the first boot, devices check to see if they’ve been assigned an enterprise configuration. If so, the device initiates the fully managed device provisioning method and downloads the correct device policy controller app, which then completes setup of the managed device. Android zero-touch enrolment offers a seamless deployment method for corporate-owned Android devices to make large scale roll-outs fast, easy, and secure for organisations. Zero-touch makes it simple to configure devices online and have them shipped with enforced management so employees can open the box and get started.

Symec is a certified Enterprise Reseller and accredited Zero Touch Enrolment Partner.

We have the experience you need.

What you will need:

A compatible device running Android Oreo (8.0) or a Pixel phone with Android Nougat (7.0).  We can source these for you or work with your existing estate. 

An enterprise mobility management (EMM) provider supporting fully managed device

How to use zero-touch enrolment

You will manage zero-touch enrolment for your organisation from an online portal on your web browser. We call this the zero-touch enrolment portal, or often just portal when describing zero-touch enrolment. As your chosen Zero Touch Enrolment partner Symec will work with you to help you complete the following steps:

Symec sources your devices

Symec is one of the UK's largest suppliers of Android enterprise devices.

Create your configuration

Our fully trained and experienced Android Zero Touch enrolment specialists will configure your EMM (MDM) and mobile policies.

Deploy to your devices

Set the default configuration or manually apply your configuration to a range of devices.


For businesses of any size

From getting one new employee ready for work to deploying thousands of phones across offices, Android can easily enrol your company’s devices at scale. Always securely and always in a standardised way. Choose between deployment options from simple QR codes to the latest in zero-touch enrolment.

With zero-touch enrolment, your IT team can deploy any number of company-owned devices at once. For employees, this means they just need to power on to get started. All the apps and configurations that they need will be ready for them.


Zero Hassle.

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