How much does spending money cost you? That might seem like a facetious question, but the truth is, every purchase order (PO) made, approved, placed, and paid by your company costs money to process. Added up across your supply chain, these PO processing costs can have a surprising impact on your bottom line.  The Symec Digital Procurement solution reduces your PO processing costs and brings measurable cost savings to your PO process increasing efficiency, saving time, and controlling expenditure. 

Control your teams purchasing permissions

Companies order large quantities of products and double-check everything before ordering because of financial responsibility. But what if someone places an order by accident? The module equips company admins with flexible order placing permissions to prevent such mistakes. This way you can specify who has the right and responsibility to place an order.

Save time getting quotes with fixed pricing  

Forecast your costs accurately and increase operational efficiency with fixed pricing procurement. 

Easily manage all your users

Company account admin users create as many sub-accounts as needed. Administrators can add sub-accounts from the portal by specifying the email addresses that can purchase on their behalf. This way, new accounts will be added, and owners of sub-accounts can browse the store just as regular visitors, looking through the catalogue and adding products to the cart.

Advanced reporting

Our advanced reporting module provides you real time access to all your company’s purchases. 

Powerful RMA System 

View and manage all of your returns requests on the portal. This user-friendly module allows the creation and management of several return requests at once. Saving your team time and effort. 

Provide bespoke catalogues for all your teams.

We can create limitless numbers of rules for your teams so they only have access to the products they need for their role.

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