Mobile Training for Mobile Workers

Device Angel is a customisable training app to help workers learn new applications and processes, access troubleshooting when they need it, and make the most of the features on their device — while they’re in the field.

AUTONOMY – Empower Your Workforce

Put essential knowledge at your workers’ fingertips. Device Angel provides multi-language training live in the field, and/or in advance—so you can adopt and roll out new technology without disruption. Negating the need for onsite training days and the costs associated with workforce attendance i.e. fuel, subsistence, accommodation, etc.

PRODUCTIVITY – Increase Uptime and Reduce Costs

Device Angel is designed to increase uptime and reduce both ‘no fault found’ returns and helpdesk calls.

COMPLIANCE – Manage and Reduce Risk

Keep your workers and your business safe. With Device Angel, you can ensure that your entire workforce is up to date, signed off, and compliant with critical training. Creating an auditable proof of duty of care.

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