Device Diagnostics for Operations Teams

Optimise is an easy to use application that provides real-time information needed on the health and performance of an entire mobile device estate — empowering decision makers to implement change for business benefit.
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Symec Optimise

Watch the short video to gain insight into the strategic benefits of Optimise – empowering decision makers to implement change based on accurate real-time data.

Increase Uptime

Workers can check their device health at the start of each shift. In the event of any issues, your helpdesk will have access to real-time diagnostic information that makes troubleshooting simple and effective.

A Clear Picture of an Entire Device Estate

Optimise creates complete transparency around device performance and diagnostics across an entire business—from fleet managers and operations teams, to drivers and helpdesk employees.

Make Informed Decisions

By providing performance information on wifi strength, mobile signal, battery health and memory, Optimise helps key individuals make informed decisions that increase productivity and reduce costs across the business.

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