Companies with large device fleets need quick answers to their questions. That is a difficult task when reporting from spreadsheets or waiting for service reports. SYMEC HUB is the Centralised Management Platform – a single place from which you can manage real-time data from your entire connected business.

Capturing information on devices, service, repair, and data management across your whole fleet, Symec Hub is the ultimate Management Information solution – making your life easier, cutting your costs, and enabling you to create an efficient connected business.

Reports & Dashboards

Symec Hub connects with a range of data inputs, creating a single source of truth, providing an easy to understand self-service dashboard.

Symec Digital Modules

We have developed a range of applications that can be used to help your team with communication, certification and compliance, 

Within the Reports Module, you will find a simple intuitive report generator, powered by your service tickets, MDM, device information, and applications like Symec Optimise. This data can then be filtered, grouped and ordered, revealing hidden patterns and insights. This reporting module then goes on to power your dashboard.

Uncover Hidden Data, with Our Easy to Use Reports

Get a Bird’s Eye View With Our Customisable Dashboards

Collect, analyse and action the mountain of data from your mobile device fleet through your customisable self-service dashboard. 

An easy to use, intuitive tool, giving you access to both an executive summary and the ability to drill down and focus on the metrics you need.

Symec Customisable Dashboards.

Take the guesswork out of device management

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Our flexible reports and dashboards module is smart, powerful, and easy to use. By pulling information from your data connectors, you can create a single canvas, a source of truth, helping you hone in on the metrics that matter.

In a short time, you will collect a range of the most useful reports on your customisable dashboard, giving a fully functioning responsive overview of your fleet in an accessible customisable manner. 

Build your custom dashboard in seconds, Symec makes it easy to answer even your most complex questions. The reports library makes it easy for you to get started with prebuilt, MDM, Device and service reports based on common use cases. This catalogue of pre-built reports ensures you get value and a return on investment on day one.

Catalogue of Prebuilt Reports, Providing you Day 1 Insights

Plug In Your Data Sources

Symec Hub lets you connect, collect, analyse and action the mountain of data from your mobile device fleet wherever it may be with unrivalled ease.

An easy to use, intuitive tool giving you access to all your data in a single dashboard.

Whilst a handful of data within SymecHub can be obtained through your MDM, with our reporting tool you can keep the device management and data separate, giving people access to the data they need without access to the MDM itself, keeping your device fleet safe and secure.

Share Data, Keep Device Management Secure

Symec Hub provides a fully integrated omnichannel ticketing system helping your team get back to the task on hand. It’s a central hub for all your questions, requests and concerns. Above all, utilising our helpdesk either through tickets or the phone will decrease downtime, improve productivity and ultimately increase profitability.

The Core of Customer Support

We are Technical Helpdesk Experts

Let our technical helpdesk take the pressure off you, and help your team get back to their business-critical tasks. Stop disruptions to productivity due to equipment failures or software issues.

No call centres, straight through to a technical agent, based at our Bristol Headquarters.

Take the Guesswork Out of Device Management

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