SYMEC HUB is the Centralised Management Platform – a single place from which you can manage information from your entire connected business.

Capturing real-time information on devices, service and repair, business connectivity data and print management across your whole fleet. It is the ultimate Management Information solution  — making your life easier, cutting your costs, and enabling you to create an efficient, connected business.


Central hub where all device related information is available, including..

  • Full visibility of all devices in your estate
  • Full breakdown of estate viewable by OS, device type or model
  • Information gathered by device management, health and optimisation utilities
  • Single location for information and to access all other device management tools


Service and Repair Management Hub, including..

  • Log your repair jobs here
  • Device failures so you can identifying where the challenges might be
  • Identify trends to ensure appropriate qty of devices are at each location for peak periods
  • Additional training for high failure rate depots
  • Swap out evaluation, identifying where the work is being carried out


Business connectivity management tool

  • Number of users by connection type and in/out of bundle spend
  • Multiple connectivity management tool
  • Spend analysis and reporting
  • Can integrate your own billing data into this platform so you can easily manage current spend


Single platform to procure your connected business products

  • Control the types of products available so specific to your standards list
  • Analysis spend and requirements across your business for better visibility
  • Shopping basket creation and sign off by procurement, reducing admin waste
  • Centrally controlled, locally configured

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