Communicating with remote workers is a massive issue for many companies where vital corporate communications, training videos, and critical safety information often never gets to the people that need it.  Shareable solves this issue and more. 

With Shareable, it’s now possible to communicate with all your employees instantly, sending Safety or training information and asking for confirmation from the employee that they have understood the content.

Shareable gives your remote works a voice and get valuable feedback from the people that matter with content ratings ensuring you are producing the valuable relevant content for your teams. 

Rich reporting shows which devices have received the content, viewed the content, and (if required) confirmed that they have understood the content massively reducing the burden and cost of training compliance. 

Shareable also empowers your remote workers to be able to share selected content with others. This allows vital safety or instructional content to be shown to a customer and sent to whoever needs to have access. 

With this product, we have redefined what is possible with a corporate communication tool.

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