The Challenge

T Brown are a property maintenance company based in Surrey. They needed to refresh their fleet of Motorola ES400’s on Windows OS and their contract for 300+ connections. They were looking for the best price and service. They had different providers for hardware and connectivity which can ultimately be more difficult to manage.

T Brown were reliant on certain applications that were migrating from Windows to Android. The business made the decision to move to a new operating system, which ultimately precipitated the need to renew the hardware.

Our Solution

Lesley-Anne Hawkins, Partner Channel Manager at Symec, commented, “We hire incredibly talented sales individuals who naturally have a highly competitive streak in them. Since implementing Akixi, our productivity has improved by 15% and has made a really positive impact on the team. Call stats have increased, talk time has expanded, and more conversations are now taking place which is of course leading to more sales and opportunities for our partners.”

Symec has two Akixi wallboards displayed that provide an invaluable and motivational at a glance picture of all the sales team KPIs.

“These wallboards are the ‘hidden treasure’ of the Akixi solution,” says Lesley-Anne Hawkins. “No self-respecting sales person wants to be at the bottom of a leader board based on their call statistics or any other metric. The display wallboards are therefore impacting their performance in a highly positive manner as the sales team members look to see where they are positioned.

From a management perspective Akixi has taken out the ‘guesswork and approximations’ previously assumed in our sales performances.

The Result

Symec came in best on both parts [hardware and connectivity], which is a great for us, as it is a definite advantage having both with one provider

Symec offer excellent staging and deployment support services that truly takes the stress off the customer.

We used Symec previously as a supplier for PDA hardware and for repairs. They have been great to work with on our mobile contract from deployment of new SIMs to provision of hardware for deployment of devices