TAAP, the software company that digitises your business no time at all.

TAAP enable businesses to become paperless by creating effective applications that increase the efficiency of your business processes from the very first meeting.

Together, Symec and TAAP can transform businesses looking to begin their connected journey.

Clive Fearn, Sales Director at TAAP, says: “This is a fantastic opportunity for Symec and TAAP to work together to help digitise businesses.”

Simon Wraith, Head of Technical Services at Symec, says; “TAAP can rapidly digitise businesses, not in months or years, but hours. It’s fantastic! They can make businesses more efficient, slicker and without the clutter of paper. It’s revolutionary.”

The company offer applications that can be used online, offline and even multi-lingually on a global scale.

The problem with efficiency: paper, forms & spreadsheets

Mobile workers might not always work the traditional 9-5 job – they might need to access documents throughout the day and complete processes remotely.  

By creating online and offline applications, workers can complete tasks without the mountains of paperwork. In fact, studies show a 5% increase in productivity when using paperless processes.

Dave Judge, Solutions Director, at TAAP, says “We created this platform to enable businesses to deliver unlimited numbers of applications quickly and seamlessly across their enterprise. By taking  existing business processes and digitising quickly with minimal resources, cost and impact to the users is at the core of TAAP – The Agile Application Platform.”

The solution

These applications run on windows, Android and iOS and work seamlessly across a wide spectrum of devices. The highly innovative, rapid digitisation enterprise mobile platform can take any business process that exists today – paperwork, spreadsheets, forms, checklists etc.

TAAP will also train the customer how to do this “In-House” so they become entirely self-sufficient, as was done with a global inspections company who have completed over 4,000 separate processes and reports.

TAAP work across a wide variety of industries including Retail, Infrastructure, Logistics, Automotive, Healthcare, Construction, Oil & Gas, Testing, Inspection & Compliance and on an international basis too with users in over 100 countries.

Some of their clients include Tesco, Morgan Sindall & IMG.

The applications run natively offline and use smart workflow methods that enable the user to capture photos, videos, signatures and many more to collect data in real time.

This data is then brought to life with real-time operational dashboards enabling customers to run their business far more effectively.

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