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We are Technical Helpdesk Experts

Let our technical helpdesk take the pressure off you, and help your team get back to their business-critical tasks. Stop disruptions to productivity due to equipment failures or software issues.

No call-centres, straight through to a technical agent, based at our Bristol Headquarters.

Support That Cares.
No Waiting in Line for Support.
No Issue Goes Unresolved.

Our technical helpdesk can integrate with any project, any industry, and any mobile use case, fixing technical issues and boosting productivity.

Professionally trained and certified to work with our diverse range of software, MDM, hardware, and connectivity partners – giving you access to one of the best technical helpdesks in the industry. Our guidance is suitable for everyone.

Our solutions don’t require any technical know-how, we provide your colleagues the answers to their questions in a friendly manner with simple, practical, and understandable language – getting them back and operational as soon as possible.

Technical Helpdesk Advantages

Technical Guidance
Fix Device on the Spot
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Analytics & Reporting

Save Your Helpdesk Team Time - Integrate with Ours.

We are flexible with how we integrate into your organisation, and can easily integrate with your internal helpdesk, as a 1st, 2nd or, 3rd line support, freeing up your helpdesk to assist with other queries. Our team of Bristol-based helpdesk agents, can integrate seamlessly and have a vast range of vast technical knowledge providing you and your team friendly and helpful advice.

We Don’t Trumpet Our Technology Only To Fall Silent on Support

We can answer questions relating to anything and everything involving hardware, software, MDM and connectivity services.

Our Technical Expertise

Our technical helpdesk can act as a triage for any hardware issues , helping determine whether a device does need to be replaced, or just a small technical fault which can be solved on the spot.

The team at Symec all have experience within both line of business software like Sat Nav, route scheduling and the largest MDM software. 

Our connectivity team can help take some of the load and help manage and keep an eye on everything regarding connectivity, this includes everything from updating tariffs to cancellations and housekeeping.

Proactive Approach to Save you Time in the Future.

All questions received by our team, no matter how simple or complex, are analysed and looked at in the wider context of how it may apply to the rest of your devices. This proactive approach allows us to build a clear picture of why this question is being asked and how it may affect other users and operations.

Getting to the real root of the problem allows us to provide feedback and advice, reducing future downtime and increasing user efficiency. With a more reliable device estate with less downtime, it is easier to schedule and plan your team’s workload, helping you hit your metrics.

Remove the Stress and Rest Easy

We all know the stress when you have to deal with technical issues and you have a deadline to meet, your colleague’s ability to get on the phone with a real person who can guide them through the solutions takes that stress and pressure away, making their day that little bit easier.

Our team of specialist hardware, software and, connectivity agents is always on hand to answer your technical queries, no matter how simple or complex. To help get to the route of your queries we can jump onto your devices and see what you or your colleagues see in order to assist you.

Isometric Measurement

Management and Reporting

As with anything Symec does, we believe in a transparent approach in our services, meaning that we can provide you with monthly reports or the tools to create these reports yourself through our live, self-serving, dashboards on SymecHub. One of the major advantages of Symec helping with your helpdesk, is our ability to gather, analyses, and report on the vast array of helpdesk data in a digestible and accessible form, helping you to make informed and strategic decisions. We can highlight meaningful patterns, and help you make sense of the vast array of data.

• Are your devices reporting similar faults during specific tasks?
• Are your devices being damaged more often at certain locations?

This can be expanded upon further with our Symec Hub, a customisable dashboard providing you with a summary of your data insights in real-time, a completely self-service dashboard, giving you the tools to pull the insights you want, when you want.

Symec Hub - Giving You the Reporting Tools

Symec Hub has been designed from the ground up to provide a clear data-driven picture of your device fleet, giving you the tools to take the guesswork out of device management. A collection of real-time modules and dashboards provide you with an executive summary of your data insights. Make data-driven decisions today.

For more information on this service and the benefits it can bring to your business, please do not hesitate to contact us today