The Panasonic TOUGHBOOK L1 – A great combination of style and reliability

The TOUGHBOOK L1 from Panasonic neatly fills a gap in the market between the ultra-rugged, ultra-performance heavyweight devices (Panasonic TOUGHBOOK B2, Getac ZX70) and business consumer tech devices (Samsung Tab Active 2). This is an ideal choice if your use-case demands more than consumer devices can deliver.

It is the only tablet by Panasonic in the semi rugged/ rugged range that runs on Android (8.1) giving it long term support benefits. Although it is low on drop shock resistance compared to the other rugged tablets from Panasonic, it has a sleek design and high mobility (Thinness 13mm, lightweight 440g) features that are desirable for edge computing by customer facing mobile workers.

How Rugged?  Enterprise Rugged / Business Rugged / Consumer

Pricing: (£ or £££)  ££ (relative to other Enterprise Rugged devices)

Max Hardware Lifespan:  3 years standard warranty, optional 5 year warranty/ accidental damage cover with options to extend in 12 month increments

Operating System:  8.1 Andriod – will work up to Android 10

Suitable Environments:  Retail, Hospitality, Light Manufacturing, Facilities Management, Engineering

Form Factor:  Handheld / Small Tablet / Large Tablet

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