Construction has always been a mobile industry, as projects are done in the field and often in remote locations. Communication needs are wide ranging between offsite project managers, architects, home offices and customers.

Read on to find out the top three ways Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) from SOTI will drive change in the sector in 2022.

1. Drive adoption of collaboration technology

Communication up and down the supply chain will need to become more stringent, to satisfy growing customer expectations. Mobile devices are business critical, and ensuring they are working at their most optimal performance and enabling remote teams to do their jobs is key to driving a Return on Investment (ROI).

From workflow management software to ‘on device’ bespoke applications, mobile technology is not just for office workers and remote field workers, EMM solutions are for everyone. The entire supply chain needs more effective real-time communication of data gathered via EMM. Customer projects now reply on up to the minute information to enable continuation and completion to deadlines. From when will deliveries be made to when will materials arrive on site or what stage is the project at, all of this detail is essential in 2022 to keep the industry moving.

“One of the key advantages of working with SOTI is the massive range of global devices their EMM software integrates with. This enables us to roll out the SOTI ONE Platform into accounts managing tens of thousands of devices across a range of different business units and teams using devices for many different purposes. This breadth of coverage offers our customers choice as well as overall making project communication simple and more cost effective.”
Simon Wraith
Head of Innovation at Symec

Contact us for further details on affordable bespoke application development, SOTI Snap is a rapid app development platform enabling all users to create quick, simple apps by dragging and dropping the widgets they need so businesses can prototype, iterate and deploy apps in minutes or hours, not days or weeks.

2.Driving the collection and analysis of data for project improvement and innovation

Having access to business-critical data allows managers and decision makers to assess the impact devices are having on the costs of your operations, as well as the delivery of effective customer service. Device issues, application usage, network coverage issues, impact revenue to your business, as well as have knock on effects to customer satisfaction.

With device downtime, comes a loss of productivity and potential revenue. Understanding technical issues that are causing issues in the field enables faster resolution, or better still, intervention before any issue arises. If the device issue is detected, a software update can be pushed out remotely to all devices to minimise disruption during peak working hours. This can be initiated prior to any support calls being received:

“One of the best features of SOTI XSight is the preventative measures and notifications that can be set up to forewarn of battery drainage, loss of network coverage on a job someone is attending and so forth. This intel enables swift resolution via remote push notifications before the issues arise in field. Reducing frustration in the field and associated loss of revenue”
Sarah Edge
Sales Director, SOTI, UK & Ireland

3. Focus on productivity whilst managing labour shortages

The shortage of skilled workers is having a long-term impact on the construction sector. Balancing skilled available labour alongside project deadlines and equipment availability from a manufacturing hangover from 2021, will continue to cause challenges for the industry.

Productivity and profitability will remain key for the sector and adopting digital technologies to spot trends and drive innovation and improvements to update and improve existing working practices will be key.

“Attracting skilled labour with the right devices and technology is key. Retention of staff will be dependent on how satisfied they are with speed, accuracy and availability of digital operations your company offers,”
Sarah Edge
Sales Director, SOTI, UK & Ireland

SOTI MobiControl centrally controls all your mobile devices in a secure, easy to use platform. Users are added to policy folders depending on their roles and needs, via a simple drag and drop. This reduces set up time and adds the correct application access and user rights from the offset, enabling you to drive productivity from day one. This will become more important as your company grows and your contracting services increase.

Collaboration of in-house teams, supporting all your field workers is crucial. IT administrators and helpdesks can better support your users in the field with device issues, if they have remote support capabilities and access to device details they need, to address problems. Often users call in without the knowledge needed of what the issue is and what the device is that they are using. SOTI XSight integrates with SOTI MobiControl, providing a supercharged solution with the operational intelligence, support and management tools you need to streamline your business.

To find out more about how Symec and SOTI can help transform your device management strategy and to discuss current customer projects for any required references, please get in touch today.