Some people might just think that Apple, Amazon, and Google’s voice assistants are just for consumers but there are practical business use cases for them too.

As the technology evolves we can expect to see more companies join the market.

According to Comscore, by 2020 50% of all internet searches will be completed by voice.

Voice assistants can have a wide range of benefits depending on the type of industry you are in.


Imagine your workforce being able to locate and manage stock using your chosen voice assistant.

You could use navigation utilising the voice assistant to help guide you around the Warehouse when looking for specific items, which would shorten the time spent searching by each member of the Warehouse staff

Using Voice Assistants to help manage the control of stock is another great example of where this technology really could change your business.

 The voice assistant could be used to assist with verifying the stock numbers & perform calculations in real time to get the closest accuracy as possible when completing stock checks.

Another benefit of the voice assistant is when you are order picking. Sometimes a worker could be in the incorrect location for a pick and may miss scan or incorrectly place an item of stock into the wrong location.

 This can cause un-predictable stock fluctuations and your team could possibly have to end up looking for items, which may not even be in the location they have been instructed to look in.

This causes operational inefficiencies and could be prevented with the voice assistant’s real time information.


Retail workers will have similar use-cases to those in the warehouse, but the stand-out impact that voice assistants will have is on revolutionising customer experience.

Consumers can speak to voice assistants to check stock levels, find the product they’re looking for and answer any other queries that the customer might have.

One of the most interesting features which you could use a voice assistant when looking at the Retail vertical, is customer experience.

When used in the right way, it will give your customers an exciting and engaging retail experience, creating a lasting impression on the consumer.

Consumers can even use the translate feature in voice assistants when there are language barriers, something particularly prominent in large tourist cities.  This could be used at a self-serve till to change the language or even to help complete a transaction.


The most obvious industry to benefit from voice assistants – this is because most of the time a Field Based worker is more likely to be on the road.

When driving you can use the voice assistant to complete tasks, without your hands.

The voice assistant can read out and reply to your emails and generally act as your personal office assistant whilst you’re away.

Forgotten to switch the (smart) lights off? Need to reply to a customer’s email? These are now all tasks you can complete on the move.

Similarly, you can order and pay for services using your voice assistant, again saving you time whilst on the move.

This can range from generic run-of-the mill business supplies through to services to fix problems within your office itself e.g electrician.

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