Devices are critical to your operations and if they’re not operating at their peak, it can hurt your business. Managing hundreds or thousands of mobile computers, printers and batteries can be tough—and a Mobile Device Management (MDM) system alone does not provide the predictive insights you need for data-driven decisions. 

Empower users with a solution that provides device health and utilization insights for your Zebra devices. Offer operational insights with historical data trends and actionable predictive intelligence to help prevent employee downtime, improve efficiency and bring costs down—all with a single dashboard, Zebra VisibilityIQ.

A Full View of Your Mobile Device Health

Get more out of your investment. Understand your entire fleet of mobile computers in one comprehensive view to prevent employee and device downtime. Know the state of your device health and utilization while getting historical trends and analytics to plan for device repair or replacement.

Manage Your Battery Health

Eliminate mid-shift battery swaps with data on remaining life of your batteries, inventory levels and which batteries need to be taken out of circulation and replenished.

Protect the Health of Your Printers

For optimal field performance

Keep track of the health of your mobile or stationary printers. Save time and repair costs by avoiding physical site visits for your printer issues and instead locating with remote health insights.

Streamline Operations with Zebra’s APIs

Leverage key data points like device health, utilization and support by integrating them into your own management systems to provide a customizable view of your business.

Expand the Impact of Your MDM with Insights
It’s More than an MDM

Zebra VisibilityIQ™ Foresight goes beyond simple device management. It provides operational insights on historical data trending, current state health and actionable predictive intelligence to prevent issues and empower informed decisions.

What if I have an MDM or in-house system already?

Zebra VisibilityIQ Foresight complements your system by integrating with your MDM to extract your data and combine ours to provide the actionable insights your current system can’t provide on its own. And if you don’t have an MDM, Zebra VisibilityIQ Foresight can share device insights alone.

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