Many benefits can be reaped by companies taking a mobile-centric approach to workforce management (WFM), and especially for those companies with field employees across a range of roles – from sales and customer service to maintenance and production – which are increasingly reliant on modern mobile devices to remain productive.

Mobile applications on a smart device can unlock innovation in the field by creating new business models and helping to streamline field operations. Mobile apps offer organisations a better means of tracking fuel and labour costs, optimising delivery schedules and equipment availability, more easily communicating changes or site locations, and informing employees of the tools they will need for each job.

With field workers able to perform tasks faster than before, businesses can not only better position themselves to maintain customer loyalty, but also can effectively service more customers in a day, with the potential to make an impact on sales and revenue.

With over a decade of experience delivering leading edge mobility solutions to the UK’s largest companies we can help you maximize the benefits of mobilising your workforce.

Deploy Samsung rugged devices to help your workers stay productive wherever their work takes them.

In an unpredictable world, people need business phones and tablets that offer high performance and the best protection, whatever their job or industry. That’s why Samsung offers a range of rugged devices, designed to withstand the most challenging work environments. They offer peace of mind and the reliability workers have come to expect from Samsung, together with a whole host of innovative features and the familiarity of a customer device—slim, lightweight and with an edge-to-edge screen that make them the best of both worlds.

Expand capability with barcode scanning on smart devices

Combine high-performing barcode scanning software with mobile devices, and you add a level of flexibility, speed and simplicity which transforms workflows and processes.

Up to now, barcodes have primarily been captured using highly effective dedicated scanning devices, with the associated investment in hardware and maintenance. But you can now move to a user-friendly and simple software-based solution on lower-cost smart devices, which customers and employees love to use.

42 Gears Unified Endpoint Management

Today, mobile workers no longer want to be tethered to lock-down PC workstations, and they expect IT to support the mobile devices they need to stay productive wherever they work.

42 Gears Unified Endpoint Management provides the fundamental visibility and IT controls needed to secure, manage, and monitor any corporate or employee-owned mobile device or desktop that accesses business-critical data. It allows organisations to secure a vast range of employee devices by the field workforce.

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