Are you looking for a way to dispose of your older Zebra mobile computing devices? Zebra provides a way for you to do this while also offering the potential for you to get money back for trading in your redundant Zebra devices. You can use this credit to offset the cost of any future technology purchase.
Upgrade the technology you’re using in your business today to the latest Zebra technology you want to run your business. As you migrate to new Zebra devices you may want to see what options are available to help offset your new technology purchase.
Eligible Devices
Zebra MC18
Zebra MC31
Zebra MC32
Zebra MC40
Zebra MC55
Zebra MC67
Zebra MC91
Zebra MC92
Zebra PS507
Zebra TC70 (Excluding TC70x)
Zebra TC75 (Excluding TC75x)


We acquire pre-owned Zebra devices for refurbishment and reuse to facilitate your access to the latest Zebra innovations in mobile device technology. Upgrading your Zebra mobile device technology is easier than ever. Our programme offers an opportunity for you to obtain a buyback price* in exchange for your legacy Zebra devices we buy back, which helps you offset the costs of a technology refresh or upgrade. *The buyback programme is available for the products listed above. Buyback pricing will be subject to Zebra’s quality assessment. Devices will be graded dependent upon their condition.

Use your exiting estate to offset the costs of upgrading your Technology. Contact our team today to find out how much you can save.