The EC50 WiFi and EC55 WiFi/cellular enterprise mobile computers are the thinnest, lightest Zebra mobile computers yet. With the EC50/EC55, Zebra has introduced a new category—an individually assigned enterprise mobile computer with an optional integrated scanner.
Businesses of any size, from large enterprises to SMBs, will appreciate the benefits of the EC50/EC55 for diverse applications inside the four walls and out in the field.

Are you existing devices meeting your Business needs? 

Use cases for the EC50 and EC55

Zebra EC50

Inside the four walls





Ancillary Healthcare

Zebra EC55

Outside the four walls




Field Service

Direct Store Delivery



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Innovative features of the Zebra EC50 and EC55 Touch Devices

Lightweight device and large 5-inch HD advanced touchscreen streamlines tasks

Workers have plenty of screen space to display and interact with applications. The touchscreen is easy to view, whether working indoors or outside in bright sunlight. Also, the device is lightweight, easy to carry and easy to operate with one hand, for maximum efficiency. Accessories provide go-anywhere flexibility with carrying and mounting options—including a wearable arm mount for hands-free use.

Better connect your teams with ready-to-use voice solutions

With Workforce Connect PTT Express, your workers are always just the press of a button away, able to place and receive crystal clear PTT calls over your WiFi network — no extra infrastructure to purchase. Do you want to connect workers indoors and outside? Just activate a PTT Pro subscription and your workers will be up and running in as little as a day. Want your EC50/EC55 devices to double as PBX handsets? With Workforce Connect Voice, you can easily create a custom interface that makes it easy to execute even the most complex telephony functions.

Choose from several data capture options

For scan-intensive 1D/2D applications, choose the SE4710 for fasterthan-ever barcode capture. For light to moderate 1D/2D scanning, choose the SE4100. The optional built-in scanner enables the capture of virtually any barcode in any condition, including Digimarc. And the 13 MP colour rear camera makes it easy to capture detailed photos and videos to document proof of condition, proof of return and more.

Removable single-shift or multi-shift battery eliminates mid-shift interruptions

With a removable battery, workers always have the power they need to keep working without interruption. Get 10 hours of power with the standard battery, or choose the extended battery for 13 hours of power— ideal for long or double shifts. With a removable battery, workers never need to take their device out of service for charging.

Expand your Zebra EC50/EC55 with Mobility DNA

Enable push-to-talk, quickly and easily, for workers inside and/or outside the four walls

Enable mobile devices to double as fully-featured PBX handsets

Give your workers a soft keypad that will increase data speed

Capture multiple barcodes on one or more labels on an item

Instantly locate misplaced devices