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Android Enterprise Essentials is an affordable security and management service from Google that makes it easy for businesses to protect and manage their Android devices. From smaller businesses that want to enforce critical security features on their devices, to larger companies that want to extend protection and management to more employee devices, Android Enterprise Essentials helps ensure organisations have a simple way to set up, secure and manage their phones and tablets.

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What benefits does Essentials offer?

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Protect device data

When organisations need to protect company or customer data on their devices.

Set a screen lock.

When companies want to protect their devices, they can set a screen lock that only the employee will know to get into their device.

Remotely wipe.

When an employee loses a phone or it’s stolen and the device needs to be erased.

Easy device onboarding.

Get employees up and running immediately with devices that are secure out of the box.

Reset screen lock.

When an employee forgets the password to their device.

Inventory oversight.

When a company wants to have oversight of the devices used in the business.

Core pillars.

The core pillars of Essentials encompass the following:


Simple, Affordable, and Secure 

Android Enterprise Essentials delivers critical security features to help protect your devices and data. 

  1. Enforce passcode and device encryption.
  2. Wipe devices remotely.
  3. Guarantee malware protection through Google Play Protect. Ensure that users always have daily app scanning protection on.

Quick Device Set Up

With Android Enterprise Essentials, your devices are secured automatically, with no action required from you or your employees.

  1. Streamlined remote setup of devices.
  2. All policies are applied automatically so employees don’t have to do anything.
  3. Security continues to be enforced even if the device is lost, stolen or factory reset.

Easy Management

Android Enterprise Essentials makes it easy to see your devices are protected and provides one simple interface to take action when a device is lost or stolen, as well as letting an admin see their list of devices and reset a PIN. Here are some of the advantages of managing with Android Enterprise Essentials:

  1. Just the essentials – everything you need in a user-friendly dashboard.
  2. Assign a friendly name to a device for easy identification.
  3. Reset passcodes remotely.

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