Device Trade In and Trade Up Solution 

For over a decade Symec has been helping thousands of customers upgrade and refresh their device estates using the value in their existing estate against the cost upgrading to the latest technology. In addition to the commercial advantages of trading in your devices the environmental impact is reduced with your old devices being refurbished or reused. If it is not suitable for being reused, we ensure that the device is recycled in the most sustainable way to cause the least impact on the environment.

How it works

1. Get a fast quote

Tell us about the devices you plan to trade in to find out its current value.

2. Select your new technology solution

Our team uses a consultative and agnostic approach to understanding your unique requirements finding you the best technology solution for your business.

3. Arrange for us to collect your devices

Provide your details and choose preferred pickup date time slot to place an order with us.

4. Upgrade

Enjoy the benefits of using the latest technology without the cost.

Benefits of Trading In and Trading Up

  • Help the planet

    By choosing to recycle, you are participating in the circular economy and actively reducing your carbon footprint.
  • Free up space

    You can clear out the space that was used up by old equipment.
  • Get the latest Technology

    You can use the money from the buyback to put it towards updating your device estate.
  • All hassle free

    You don’t have to worry about what to do with the old devices.

What happens to your device?

Once we receive the device, we run device diagnostics and asses the condition. The devices are then sent to our Technical Services Facility where they get screened and refurbished for reuse. At this step, we also perform a secure data wipe to erase all the information on the devices in order to comply with the GDPR regulations.

Depending on the condition of the equipment, some might need just a clean and polish whereas some would have to undergo complete repair. A majority of devices fully refurbished and reused.

Find Out How Much You Could Save

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