Key Benefits

Communicate instantly

Send messages instantly to your entire workforce or workforce groups with a click of a button.

Facilitate training needs

No need to get your employees in to one room. Send micro-learning video content at a click of a button to switch on their awareness and make them better, safer, and more effective.

Get confirmations

Ask your employees to confirm the have received and understood the content, ensuring compliance.

Share operational information & processes

Instantly share Guides and Videos or even specialist core instructions.

Easily manage existing content

Simply drag and drop new content into the media library. Even ask your employees to rate the content, giving you valuable insights into the quality of your content.

Access Key content offline

Need your key training videos to be accessible even if the device is offline? Shareable stores content locally on the devices to ensure your content is available anywhere.


Either use the Shareable admin interface or easily export data to excel to create rich reports.


Messages removed or edited in Shareable admin centre are instantly updated on every device.


Shareable can be configured to your individual needs and new modules created to match your business requirements.

Build closer relationships

Make your remote work force feel part of the team, increasing retention and reducing recruitment and training costs.

Safe and Secure

All data is stored safely and securely in the cloud, and devices are secured using UUID 128-bit integer numbers.

Built for Enterprise

Shareable is easily deployed into existing estates using your MDM.

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