Brand Agnostics.

Collect all your devices in one place. Don’t worry about its brand, location, age, or role. 

Uncover hidden patterns.

With a click of a button, you can analyse your data providing insights, and saving you both time and money.

Complete data, automatically.

A single app automatically captures the entire digital output of every device in your estate – no engineering needed.

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Trusted insights for smart decisions

OV2 combines rich analytics and an easy-to-use dashboard to help you answer questions, understand issues, and uncover opportunities—and then put that knowledge to work.

By combining the quantitative and qualitative in real time, OV2 eliminates blind spots.

OV2 Solution Inspiration

Here are some of the use cases that will provide you immediate value


Stop a problem before it happens

Device Error Report.


Reduce time on helpdesk tickets

Rapid Diagnostics.


Stop Data Overages.

A proactive approach to data overages


Complete visibility of app usage

App Usage Report

Reduce time spent on helpdesk tickets

Rapid Diagnostics

Once OV2 is installed on the device, the app provides the user with a diagnostic dashboard giving them an indication of their device’s health. In addition to that, you can see some status indicators such as airplane mode, Wi-Fi, and GSM.

This diagnostic panel can also be utilised by your helpdesk team to help get to the route of the problem quicker and easier. No more needing to instruct a user to dig through their settings only to find out their connectivity issue was that airplane mode was on.

This is particularly helpful when paired with an MDM like Workspace One where you may not have access to remote in to your user’s devices. 


Stop a problem before it happens

Device Error Report

Within your admin panel you can create notification thresholds for each warning type (Battery, Data usage, Signal, etc.), at both non-critical and critical levels. Any device user who exceeds these levels will receive a notification whilst reporting back to your dashboard.

This can help you avoid problems before they become serious.


A proactive approach to data overages

Warn and Stop Overages

Found within the easy-to-use device error report you can find warning notifications for your fleet’s data usage. 

Once these thresholds are surpassed a user can be warned that they have exceeded their data allowance as well as feeding back to your admin panel. Within your error report can then identify which devices are going over their data allowance and when. 

Pair this with your App Usage Report you can cross-reference device ID and see what Apps these devices that are going over their data limits are spending their time on and notify your personnel before problems occur, not after.

Complete visibility of app usage

Application Usage

Powerful, real-time App report that accurately captures app usage and a handful of data points such as data usage. Combined with the device error report you can pinpoint and address data overages and their causes.

Real-time and historical app usage data allow your team to see if your internal apps are being utilised to their full potential.

Solution Library

Our solution library is a onestop destination for users to find the best ways to use Ov2. Our library contains a wide range of use cases, such as battery investigations, device locators, and internal memory audits.

are constantly updating our library with the latest advancements and use cases, making it easy for you to stay up to date with the latest in Ov2. With our solution library, you can quickly find the best way to optimise your operations and maximize productivity.

Getting Started is Easy

An all-in-one solution for creating a hyper-efficiency device estate.


Instant Set up with your MDM

Using your MDM, you can roll OV2 out at scale and with ease with auto app configs. 


Upload your Assets with easy-to-use barcodes

Add your entire estate to OV2 with simple to use barcodes 


Pull Insights and Value

OV2 is the only solution that shows you every data point on every device, uncover the hidden gems that lead to the biggest business results.

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